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Originally Posted by acidrain View Post
Some will say it doesn't matter... pour it all in and let it settle after fermenting.
I'm in the school of keep it clean.
I have not found a filter that works at the homebrew level. The break is more of a gel that instantly clogs the screen.
Whirlpool does work. It seems to work best after the wort is cooled.
it doesnt matter, unless your washing the yeast. More crap in the bottom of the fermenter makes it extreamly hard to decant off in mason jars. There is so much junk in the jar, id doesnt have anywere to settle. I guess you could get away from this by adding more water to the wash and decanting in milk jugs, but that is more of a hassle.

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Originally Posted by helibrewer View Post
the last 1/2 gallon or so left in the kettle I put in a 1 gallon pitcher in the fridge and once the trub settles, add that to the fermenter.
that is a great idea I would have never thought of that but I will give it a try

thank you


Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
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Brewer friends, I must confess, I have not read through this thread. But if you wish to eliminate trub, then one method is to simply use a settlement vessel. Run everything from the kettle into a vessel to settle overnight. Then transfer into a fermentor the next day leaving all the trub behind. Pour the trub into a smaller vessel and let separate. Boil the wort from the settlement and add to the ferment. I do this procedure for often. You will gain about a half gallon. An alternative is to can the half gallon for wort starters using a pressure canner.
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Another use for that leftover wort is to do a ferment test. After pitching my yeast, I'll put some leftover wort into the flask with the remaining yeast dregs. I leave this at room temp to see how far it will ferment down. It typically goes faster than the main fermenter so you have some idea what FG will be.
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I use a 5 gallon paint strainer bag, sanitized and put in the primary fermenter. This catches 90% of all the gunk. On a large beer, after getting as much wort through it as possible, there will be 1-2 pounds of leftover stuff.
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I use two inside the other, 5 G paint strainers to filter my wort. With patience, you can get all the wort except the actual trub caught in the strainers. I use Irish Moss @ 15, and will get my wort as cold as I can, wait for it to settle, and scoop it out. A little of the"silt" gets through, but not enough to cause loss when racking. When I lift out the strainers, I put them in a colander and let the rest drip out. It makes it a lot easier to cold crash a small amount of trub in the fermenter, that will usually stay stuck to the bottom.
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We ended up creating our own "filtration funnel" using this and a 2-liter soda bottle cut in half. It actually works extremely well and it's very easy to clean. (We have to pause 2-3 times during the transfer to clear out the collected trub.

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