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Jul 2007
Knoxville TN
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This setup is getting really old for me. Everytime I want to draw a pint, I have to turn down the regulator to practically off and vent the keg almost completely just to avoid a glass of foam. One of the kegs also loses its seal as soon as you vent it which is a complete PITA

Anybody else manage to make this system more palatable or is everyone else using real taps?


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May 2007
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How long is the line between the tap and the keg? I'd suggest a minimum of six feet, a little more would probably be better.

Also, make sure you're opening the tap all the way...anything between closed and wide open will generate tons of foam.

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Oct 2007
Seattle, Washington
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I am still using the picnic taps also, until I can get my "brew pub" finished in the basement, and then I will look for real taps. As to your question, yes, I have the same problem, I just pour the first glass, set it off to the side, and then come back to it in a few minutes after the foam dies down. One thing to try is cut yourself some longer tubes. If you are using 3/16th inch line, cut them at about 6 - 7 feet and it will help a lot. I made the mistake of cutting my last one at about 5 feet, and that bugger foams like crazy.
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Mar 2007
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Interesting, I see so many people that have this problem.
I used to balance my system. I serve at 10psi and use about 3 ft of hose with a picnic tap. No problems what so ever.

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I used it for a while in my kegerator while I was saving up to build my tower. I had 5' of 3/16" line, 8PSI @ ~47F (8.5C).
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Oct 2005
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My party taps are 7-8' of 3/16th. I'd rather have a slow pour than foam.
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Sep 2007
Steelers Country
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I use picnic taps, and like others I use 3/16 vinyl tubing. No problems here.


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Jun 2007
Buffalo, NY
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How are you carbonating? Force, or with sugar?

I noticed that when I carbed with sugar, I could never get consistent pours. Then, I took to carbing using just CO2. I now rack from my secondary to my keg, set the keg to ~10-11 psi (depending on beer style), and let it sit in my kegerator for about 2 weeks.

I get a perfect pour everytime now.

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Lil' Sparky
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Feb 2006
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I used picnic taps for a while - got perlicks on my kegerator now.

One thing I noticed with them is you have to open them up all the way or they foam really bad. It's backwards from what you would naturally think would cause the most foam.
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May 2006
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After balancing your system, you may also want to check out your poppets. I had one that got gunked up, was sticking, and caused foam like you're describing, so keep that in mind too and disassemble the keg or run plenty of hot PBW through them.

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