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Sep 2007
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Am I the only one that hates when they have people commentating a sports game that they have absolutely no history of playing or coaching? If you want to be an analyst or something, I have no problem with that but get off the live broadcasts.
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If they know the game and they're spouting quality commentating, then I couldn't give sh*t either way. Just because you got your head knocked around on the field for 10 years doesn't mean you're necessarily more qualified to be a commentator than someone who didn't. Quite frankly, a lot of the ex-players seem to be riding on their reputation alone. I mean, Deion Sanders didn't exactly afford us any more mind-blowing insights last night than Briant Gumbel, and he was an NFL player. "Oh, Nick Folk's gonna be a big factor tonight, because I say so and I wanna say something outrageous just to get attention. Duhhhh." Douche. If you ask me, there are too many ex-players who are borderline retarded but get spots on the halftime zoo crew merely because of their years on the field, and not their actual qualifications to be a sports announcer.
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Bryant Gumbel attended Bates College in Lewiston, Maine where he played football and baseball and was a member of the class of 1970. He was a history major and wrote sports columns for the school newspaper, the Bates Student.
So does that mean he passes the jock test and is automatically a good sports commentator???
F no.
He sucks.

Just saying.
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Oct 2007
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I agree to a point. There are some commentators out there that have no business calling a game. Just look at the crap FOX feeds up. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I can't stand McCarver. He makes the most idiotic comments ever, and what's worse, is FOX uses them as generic announcers for all sports. Not only do I have to listen to them cover baseball, but they do football, and I even heard them on a NASCAR event on FOX. WTF! There is no need to pollute my TV with the likes of Tim McCarver.

Sorry, i'm done ranting now.
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I think 90% of the commentators/analysts on the airwaves these days are about as good at breaking down a game as I am regardless of whether or not they are an ex-player or coach. The same is true for play-by-play guys but there are a few more decent ones around.

Sports coverage is suffering from the same problem as news coverage; when every network plus ESPN plus NFL Network have halftime shows and pre-game shows and post-game shows, there isn't enough good talent to cover all the spots.

I say, reduce the number of analysts on all these shows to 3 instead of 4 and you'd go a long way towards fixing the problem.
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Aug 2007
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Originally Posted by Neomich
Am I the only one that hates when they have people commentating a sports game that they have absolutely no history of playing or coaching? If you want to be an analyst or something, I have no problem with that but get off the live broadcasts.
So, would you listen to anything that retard McCarver would say just because he had a sub-mediocre baseball career more than you'd listen to some one like Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell or Peter Gammons? Hell no you wouldn't.

I think there are more former jock idiot sports caster out there then there are non-jock sports casters. There has to be ... the guys that are sports announcers that didn't have an onfield career, have to be better than the rest in order to get a job ... they don't have the luxury of living off a reputation.

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Sir Humpsalot
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I would LOVE to see an ex-referee do commentary during a football game. I bet he'd really bring an interesting angle to the game.
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Harry Carry?

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Reverend JC
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My issue with the player as commentators is this.

Seriously, if you are going to be an announcer of any type learn to freaking talk!

Jaylen rose was talking about football today on ESPN as a commentator on some show. while talking about Ben Roethlisberger he says not once but 3 times

(spelled phoentically how he pronounced it) Ben Raw-phwess-buger.

huge pet peeve.

although i suppose i type phoentically half the time. But i dont type professionally damn it!!!!
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Mar 2007
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I can't stand this. They shouldn't be allowed. There are enough intelligent ex-players out there to take the jobs. I don't know who's worse, Dennis Miller or Tony Cornheiser. I'm gonna go with TC

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