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Originally Posted by Yambor44 View Post
We just starting getting Rebel IPA here in my neck of the woods recently. Had it on tap first and then went and bought some in the bottle. Both I thought were very good. Drinking one now. The hop aroma and flavor are not huge, but I think it really works for me.

I am glad I searched for "Rebel" and found this thread. I have been on a "IPA only" kick for a long time now in my brewing and drinking. This is the style that appeals to me the most at this time. I used to love DFH 60, then thought they must have changed the recipe. I then realized later that it was the malt profile that I no longer cared for. I now know my favorite style has a name. West Coast. I love these IPA's.

What's the difference between Caramel 40 (or 60) and Crystal 40 (or 60)?

Which one should be most used for a West Coast style IPA?

Who has a good West Coast style IPA recipe they would like to share or link to?
IMHO, search for clones of Russian River's Blind Pig (IPA), and Pliny the Elder (IIPA).

Pliny the Elder is consistently rated at the top on both and

Vinnie of Russian river says to not use more than 5% crystal malt. The hop complexity gets lost much beyond that, in my experience. This supports many of the prior comments.

There are many other great west coast IPAs, but Russian River is a good place to start the adventure.

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I just kegged my first Pliney Clone. Found a recipe for Blind Pig I just typed into BTP and mosified a tad to up the IBU's to where I thought they should be (Minimum).

I used grams for the hops as i didn't feel like converting. What do you all think?

Blind Pig IPA #126
14-B American IPA
Date: 3/6/14

Size: 11.0*gal
Efficiency: 80.0%
Attenuation: 83.0%
Calories: 197.01*kcal per 12.0*fl oz

Original Gravity: 1.060 (1.056 - 1.075)
Terminal Gravity: 1.010 (1.010 - 1.018)
Color: 8.18 (6.0 - 15.0)
Alcohol: 6.52% (5.5% - 7.5%)
Bitterness: 41.4 (40.0 - 70.0)

22*lb (95.7%) Pale Ale Malt - added during mash
8*oz (2.2%) 2-Row Caramel Malt 40L - added during mash
8*oz (2.2%) Cara-Pils« Malt - added during mash
24*g (13.2%) Chinook (9.9%) - added during boil, boiled 90*m
24*g (13.2%) Columbus 12.9 (12.9%) - added during boil, boiled 90*m
24*g (13.2%) Amarillo Pellet 8.2% (8.2%) - added during boil, boiled 30*m
14*g (7.7%) Amarillo Pellet 8.2% (8.2%) - added during boil
14*g (7.7%) Cascade 6.4 (6.4%) - added during boil
14*g (7.7%) Centennial 8.1% (8.7%) - added during boil
14*g (7.7%) Simcoe 13.1% (13.1%) - added during boil
18*g (9.9%) Amarillo Pellet 8.2% (8.2%) - added dry to secondary fermenter
18*g (9.9%) Columbus 12.9 (12.9%) - added dry to secondary fermenter
18*g (9.9%) Cascade 6.4 (6.4%) - added dry to secondary fermenter

Add 4 grams table salt and 7grams Gypsum to mash. 60 minute mash. Mash at 148║.
Let all zero minute hops steep for 10 minutes before chilling.

Results generated by BeerTools Pro 2.0.5

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What 'east coast' IPA is malty? Lagunitas on the west coast has the 'maltiest' ipa's by far that I have ever had. Green Flash West Coast IPA has 8% carapils and 8% carastan so 16% crystal malts and it is still dry, delicious and not cloying or sweet. All the 'west coast' ipa's that people compare things to are not IPA's! An IPA is not 8-15% ABV. You cannot compare those monster double/imperial/triple IPA's to a 5.6%-7%ABV IPA. There are some beers out there that are really English IPA's that are called American IPA's because the snobs go crazy when there is any hop other than Fuggles/EKG in an 'English' style.

Rebel IPA is pretty good beer for an IPA. I got a case that was definitely fresh and it tastes great. Who cares what style they call it. It's a mass marketed item, not a small 3-10 barrel brewhouse specialty. I for one am grateful that Sam Adam's does not mass produce an IPA with 10lbs of hops per barrel because there would be a major squeeze on great hop varieties Simcoe, Chinook, Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic for the rest of us based on the quantities they brew.
Add more hops! Always add more hops

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