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Recipe Type: Extract   
Yeast: anything clean   
Yeast Starter: up to you   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5   
Original Gravity: 1.060   
Final Gravity: 1.015   
IBU: debateable   
Boiling Time (Minutes): 15   
Color: 7   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 21 days 60-70*   
Tasting Notes: Tons of smooth fruity hop flavors   

This beer started as en experiment to see if I could produce a quick & easy beer. I'm usually an all-grain brewer but we all know the process just takes 4-6 hours, no way around it. So I wanted to try something - a short extract boil with higher alpha/high flavor hops. It worked out perfectly, everyone who tried this liked it.

5# extra light LME
4# Munich LME
8 ounces of sugar

2 oz Citra
2 oz Galaxy
2 oz Mosaic

-Take all 6 ounces of hops and mix them together.
-Bring your water up to 150* or so, then slowly mix in the LME & sugar.
-Then add 1 oz of the hop mix as a "first wort addition."
-Once up to boil, add 1 oz of the hop mix - 15 minute addition.
-After 5 minutes add another 1 oz of hops - 10 minute addition.
-Boil for 10 more minutes.
-Start chilling, chill down to 190* or so and then stop chilling.
-Add the remaining 3 ounces of the hop mix and do a hop stand for 30-40 minutes (go watch some TV or do some chores )
- Chill the rest of the way

I didn't dry hop it because I wanted to know exactly how the flavor & aroma came out from the short boil & hop stand.

I fermented for 3 weeks, kegged, carbed for 2-3 weeks. It probably peeked after being in the keg for another 2 weeks (maybe a little too strong at first for some) and then it was gone quickly. Tons of fruity hop flavor, not too much bitterness. I would probably call it a US/West Coast pale ale, others might say IPA. Whatever you call it, the beer didn't last long.

So if you are in a bind for time and want to get something on tap/bottled soon, this might do the trick for you
"Brewers make wort, yeast make beer."

"Brewing beer is neither complicated nor expensive. It's the responsibility of the brewer to make it as complicated and expensive as their spouse & budget will allow."

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What were you getting for OG and FG?

Seems like an interesting brew method, it must have some sort offl affect on your effic tho??

But I guess eff wouldn't matter to me if I could fit in a brew day in such a short amount of time!

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