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Originally Posted by BierMuncher
If restrictor faucets weren't some darn expensive...I'd get one.
I've got one that was part of a CL score, but I don't want to pop for a nitrogen tank and regulator. Nor do I have room in the kegerator for another tank.

For now, I just bottle my stout, go light on the priming sugar and pour it high above the glass to achieve a nice foamy head. As for the faucet...I took the restrictor plate out, and serve Apfelwein from it.

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Originally Posted by sause
the N2 does nothing....NOTHING!!! In fact thats the reason why they use it. What makes the beer different than pouring out of a normal tap is the restrictor plate in the tap. This little plate has a bunch of tiny holes in it. This forces the CO2 out of suspention in about the size of the holes so tiny bubbles. This is what makes the head last for so long along with the protein added by the raw barley in the recipe. The N2 doesn't get into the beer comma all it does is make the pressure higher in the keg and not over carb the beer. The beer needs to be "forced" out of the tap and if you used 30 psi of CO2 you would have nothing but foam. Using N2/CO2 lets you push the beer with about 30 psi and not have to worry about over carbing.

Let me say this again N2 does not go into the beer. It is the faucet that gives you the mouth feel.
YES!!!!! that was my suspicion, given what i know about gases combined with what BM said about CO2 getting knocked out of the beer. a little, timid, light bulb went off in my head. thanks for filling in the details!

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Originally Posted by mdf191
Pretty much what I am getting at is... I have a desperate desire to pour a homebrewed kegged stout that is thick and creamy like these nitrogen infused bad boys, but I dont want to shell out the mulla for a n2 tank! IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY.!?
Check out the Tap-a-Draft system. I've only used it on an american cream ale but it was awesome. They say use one co2 and one nitrogen cartridge for a creamy stout head...

Most people seem happy with them and apparently you can use soda pop bottles with it too. Look here for a discussion.

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Originally Posted by BobNQ3X
Unfortunately, I don't know of anything other than nitrogen which will give you that result. And nitrogen is distressingly difficult to introduce into finished beer, because of the pressures required. You can't just put on top-pressure, chill it, and wait - like CO2 - you really need a carbonization (nitrogenation?) stone. Frankly, I was never able to get it to work to my satisfaction as a professional brewer, much less at home.

BadKarmaa - the stout tap will look cool, but it really isn't going to help, I'm afraid. In fact, you'd better disassemble it and remove the sparkler; it's going to foam your carbonated beer all over the place. Unless, of course, you undercarbonate and serve your stout like a real ale.

Sometimes I really hate nitrogen beers. We all love them and want to make our own, and get disheartened when we can't.

Of course, I might be unaware of some widget (pardon the pun) now available in the homebrew market which permits nitrogenation. I certainly hope so!
We nitro almost all of our homebrew and they all turn out great... no difference between our nitros and the commercial ones. The technique we use is exactly the one you describe above... pressurize, roll it around, wait a day or two. As others have pointed out, you do need a stout faucet, the correct gas, and higher pressures.

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I'm currently in the planning stages of building a ginormous kegerator and am thinking of adding a stout faucet. Just wondering though if you need a longer run of beer line due to the high pressure or does the restrictor plate on the stout faucet take care of that for you?
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The tap requires you to have that high of pressure. I would put the faucet on the on position on then turn up the pressure until the beer comes put like you want it.
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I love my nitro tap

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can you run Nitro instead of Co2 for all beers? I'm a stout lover, but I would also like to brew and keg wheat beers..
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