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The beer isn't bad but i was a bit disappointed that there isnt hardly any honey character. i think the galena hops really took over the taste of the beer which is still ok because it is a pretty strong irish red.

when i get back from Vancouver in a few weeks I will post again my thoughts!

If this recipe doesnt turn out I am definitely going to make another, except I am going to adhere to the recipe 100%.


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Germey: Sorry for such a delayed response. The beer came out quite well.

I opened this thread back up as i am brewing this again today, which says something in and of itself about your recipe. I am sorry, I didn't realize I hadn't posted a final evaluation of the beer until now. This was one of the first non-kit brews that I had made, and I am doing it today with quite a bit more experience under my belt, so perhaps I can give your recipe a better evaluation.

First of all, to this day this is the only red I have made, but it does a very good job of fulfilling my expectations of what a red should be. The red flavor is not that unlike Sam Adams Irish Red. I am going from memory here so a more detailed description than that eludes me but it definitely satisfied my expectations in that department. As for the honey, I have to say that I thought that the honey flavor was very substantial. I have brewed other beers with honey since, but I use much less than this recipe calls for and nobody even notices it. I find honey goes really well with fruit in beer. This beer however leaves no question that you are drinking a honey beer. This characteristic seems to make or break the deal for people. My friends either loved this beer or didn't care for it, citing the honey as not to their own taste. Basically, if they like the honey flavor they loved this beer. I handed this beer out in a lot of sampler six packs and shared it with a lot of guests along side other sample servings and I found that this was one of the most talked about, even more commonly among my friends who I would describe as having good taste.

Most certainly aging it was the key to this beers success. I will let this one I am making today age quite a while. I am able to follow the recipe exactly today which was not possible last time, so i am excited to see if it gets even better. I will check back in to let you know how that goes.

I do have one question though. I steeped the grains at 155 F but I let them go quite a bit longer than intended (45 min) as I had one of those conversation with an old friend that I couldn't get away from. Do you think I will see an adverse effect on flavor? It smells good anyway. Sorry for the long post and thanks again for the recipe.

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Originally Posted by ShameBrews View Post
Germey: Sorry for such a delayed response. The beer came out quite well...
I'm glad you liked it. My experience has also been that it is not for everyone, but, it is one of my most popular recipes overall. I think that is what brewing small is all about.
Boy, I need to brew a batch myself soon.

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I brewed this as my second-ever beer this September. After doing research, I modified the recipe a bit to bring out a stronger honey flavor, by reducing the liquid malt extract to 3lbs and adding a partial mash of 3lbs of honey malt and 4lbs kolsch along with the grains called for in the recipe. I also reduced the hops by a bit (as I am not a big fan of overly hoppy beer and wanted it to be a bit sweeter), I did 1oz Cluster for the full 60 minutes, and 1oz Cascade during the last 10. I used the best local wildflower honey I could find. The advice to be patient and wait really paid off, as it has only gotten better with time. I had some issues with carbonation, and most of the bottles I have sampled are quite flat, even four months out. It still tastes good, but without the fizz it just seems off. A few of the bottles have carbonated a bit better than the rest, and it's really quite nice. I currently have a few bottles that I agitated, and a few I am storing in a warmer place to see if it will carbonate a bit more that way. However, the carbonation issues are most likely due to my inexperience brewing rather than the recipe.

Over all, I've been really happy with it. It's a very stunning red color, and the honey malt leaves a lot of the honey character behind after fermentation. The reduced hops add just the slightest bit of bitterness to counteract the sweet honey scent. I have no idea what the ABV is, but I'm a seasoned beer drinker and one bottle leaves me lightly buzzed. I will definitely be making this one again (hopefully more bottles will carbonate the second time around).

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