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Oct 2009
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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I fancy myself a beer affictionado. I love trying new beers and having a wide variety on tap. But for the life of me, I just can't develop a taste for Belgians, Sours, or Hefeweizens.

I don't like that banana-like funky yeast flavour character of Belgians. I find it hangs around in my mouth for far too long and just doesn't taste good. It tastes like melted plastic to me.

Sours, honestly I haven't tried any, but just the thought of "sour beer" doesn't exactly have me reaching for my glass or my wallet. I've had infected batches before, and they were not good, so if that's what a sour is, no thanks.

Hefeweizens, I dislike for the same reason as Belgians. It's the yeast character. I can't get over that in-your-face banana, clove character. Now, *American* wheat ales, on the other hand, I love. Give me a nice wheat ale fermented cleanly with a neutral strain like US-05 and I'll guzzle it all afternoon.

Anyone else have similar tastes? Am I allowed to not like such a broad swath of beer styles and still be in the "beer club?"

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Jan 2013
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Bananas are for monkeys and not for beer, in my opinion. I also don't like the bubble gum thing either.

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Aug 2011
Grand Rapids, MI
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It took me awhile to get into sours. The first time I had one, I thought it was the most awful thing ever. Then I had another a few months later (no idea why). Now, I've got one sitting in a carboy that's almost ready to bottle at a year.

Still, there are styles I just can't get into. Personal tastes, I guess.

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Aug 2013
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I think that your pallet changes over time. IPA's used to be too strong for me, then I went through a phase where thats all I wanted to drink. Belgian do have a strong phenolic property that can be tough to handle but I like'm, the hefe's aren't really my thing either but the sours are what I'm interested in right now. I don't like them but I'm not ready to give up on them. They're strange, something seems wrong about it and people who aren't beer geeks cringe when they he me order one. I think it's an aquired taste and I'm not there yet but I want to like them. I want to appreciate all things beer. The good, the bad and even the ugly.

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Jul 2009
Chelmsford, MA
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You're not alone. There are plenty of other people who just like Bud Light, too.

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Aug 2013
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I assume you're not alone. I know that 2 years ago, if you handed me a Duck Rabbit milk stout (actually I bought a 6 pack) I would have (did) spit it out and dump the bottles. IPAs, no way. Anything really darker than an amber was too much for me. Now there isn't a stout I won't try and I do enjoy IPAs. I actually like pale ales (which I would often turn down) and IPAs when I grill out and such. Just something more refreshing than the stout. Stouts I tend to drink without food.

If you don't like them you don't have to drink them or brew them. I think a lot of people do really enjoy hefes.

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Dec 2011
Culpeper, VA
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I was not a fan of Belgians until I tried making a Golden Strong using Belgian Abbey II yeast and fermented it cool around 65F. It is clean, tasty and doesn't have that banana/clove in the face aroma or flavor and goes down super smooth for something that is 9.5% abv. There is no big beer I enjoy more other than a DIPA.
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Mar 2011
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I am with the OP, and I'll add stouts to the list. I might be the only homebrewer who's never made a stout. I simply don't care for them. I may also be the only person on this forum that made EdWort's Apfelwein and didn't care for it. No offense to EdWort. I love making/drinking his pale ale recipe.

2 years ago, I was all about IPA's. I haven't made an IPA in over a year. I have a 6-pack of various IIPA sitting in the fridge. 2 yrs ago, it wouldn't have lasted 2 days.

Currently, I am all into session beers.

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I tend to love all beer styles- except for sours, wheat beers, and Belgians.

I tried to like them, I really did. I even made a tripel in an effort to branch out. It turned out fantastic, and I should have entered it in a competition, but I used a couple of bottles of it for cooking (like in belgian beef stew) and gave the rest away eventually. I can appreciate them for what they are- but I don't like the yeast character of them at all.

I don't like wits, American wheats (although they are better than wheats with Belgian yeast) and I hate hefeweizens especially. The interesting thing to me is that makes me an excellent judge of them in competitions, as I don't need to love the beer style to really pick it apart or appreciate it according to the style guidelines. I prefer to NOT judge them, but I don't ask to avoid them so sometimes I do. I don't like them any better after judging for 7 years, although you'd think I might.
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Mar 2013
, Iowa City, IA
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I love a good German hefe on a hot summer day. Weihenstephaner is the best! I dislike Belgians and sours of most kinds though. I went through a major Belgian phase back in 2005-2006 and over did it. Haven't really enjoyed Belgian beers since.

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