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Bernie Brewer
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Feb 2006
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I'm brewing on Friday. Fukc the stores.
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Old 11-21-2007, 07:48 PM   #22
May 2007
Oviedo, Florida
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I never go out to the stores on Black friday...well except for last when a couple friends dragged me along. The check out line at best buy was worse than a line for a ride at Disney. It snaked in and out of the isles around half of the store People who reached the front of the line said they had been waiting for over an hour. Why deal with all that? Im just planning on brewing friday

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Oct 2006
Ankeny, IA
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I've been out on Black Friday before and have snagged some really sweet deals. I usually walk in about 10 minutes after they open and if there's still an item I want I grabit otherwise I refuse to stand in line for hours just to possibly get an item thats only fairly discounted. The only exception is that last year I did stand in 2 lines hoping to get my hands on a wii. If you're crazy enough to stand in the freezing cold for over an hour just to get in the door, then stand in line to check out for another hour just to save a few bucks, I say more power to ya! This year I'm staying home and working on my brew rig.

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Dirty blonde
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Jan 2005
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I'm brewing Friday too. This isn't being prejudice but living 45 minutes from the border Black Friday not only includes pyscho Americans but also 50,000+ that come up from Mexico that No hablo inglés for the event.

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Mar 2007
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We were driving out to a family member's house today and drove by a Best Buy. I joked to SWMBO "Hey, look at the guys camped out at Best Buy," before we could see the front. There were actually two guys in lawn chairs waiting in line. This was at 11:30am this morning. We passes by again tonight around 8pm and the line had grown substantially, there were a few tents in line, and a camper in the parking lot. If your gonna do it, why not make it a party?

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Oct 2007
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My girlfriend is going out at 4am to get deals. I'll be doing my first ever brew on Friday instead.
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Old 11-23-2007, 04:39 AM   #27
Aug 2007
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I hate shopping even on a regular day, no way tomorrow.
All the office girls were buzzing about the sales so I looked up 4 random items on the front of walmarts sale section in the paper and compared to the normal everyday price on thier website.
Rolling tool chest. sale price $51.00 Regular price $52.39
7.2 Megapixel Sony digital camera sale $77.88 Regular price $77.88
Brother sewing machine Sale $54.00 Regular price $55.00
And one panasonic 42" plasma tv but they do not normal stocked item so nothing to compare it to.

The bottom line was they didnt care they were off to shop at 5:00 Am tomorrow.

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Old 11-23-2007, 06:54 PM   #28
Sep 2006
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Two malls here opened at 12:01am.

We drove by a BestBuy last night at 10:30pm. It looked like tent-city. And WalMart's parking lot looked 1/2 full. And it was freaking 20F last night.


As for me, my daughter just happened to come down with a cold yesterday. Poor me, I have to stay home with her all day long. I also, coincidentally, have Monday off as part of my regular work schedule.

Can you say, "5-day weekend?"
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Aug 2006
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Well I'm usually the last mf'er you'd see in line outside a circuit city at 4am, but there I was. We got there at 4 and the line was already around the front and side of the building, almost to the rear loading dock. Whaaaaat?

But we put on our coats and got in line, hoping that most of the fools in front of us were there for the el-cheapo $299 laptops. Me, I was in the market for a new TV. LCD. HD. And CC had a 42" Sharp Aquos for $799, normally $1,799. The store opened at 5 and we had to get in another line inside for the TV's. Never having gotten within 50 miles of a store on Black Friday before, I was really impressed at how organized CC was. They had special sheets for us that they handed us when we got into the TV line, and they marked the one we wanted so there was no confusion when we got to the register.

All in all, it was 2 hours spent in line for $1000 in savings. Worth it. We got one of the last ones. But now I know why they call it "Black Friday". A true "black" mark on our culture. Feels good to have gotten such a great deal, but I also feel sort of, um, dirty for having participated. Oh well. HDMI, here I come...
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Originally Posted by Trencher
I've sworn for years that I would buy nothing on Black Friday. The blatant celebration of our societal drive to consume sickens me.

But... the LHBS doesn't open until Friday, and I really want to brew!
I feel pretty much the same way. The whole thing seems so asanine. I had to go to the hardware store to buy a few strands of lights because we decorate the house for Christmas today, but I refuse to do any real shopping.

Come to think of it, I really don't do ANY Christmas shopping except getting something for SWMBO and that's been done for a couple of weeks
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