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Default What do you readers think about this?

The Amazon Kindle?

Came across it this morning, seems to be one of the first generation of electronic paper devices. Most reviews seem positive, but the initial price is a little bit of a shock. Will I buy one? No, but 3 years down the road when the price is 1/4 it's current...

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No. I like books, I like having them around, I like the feel, it's just timeless. I can see this having a place for specialized reading (like, textbooks or something), but to replace my dog-earned Papazian? Nah.

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If they could get the format correct it would be good for newspaper to cut down on waste.

I agree on books though, I have a nice collection and books I really like I get in hardback.
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how did your dog earn CJOH, bird?

Yeah, I don't really see myself spending that kind of money on a reader. Maybe if they gave them away as a promotion, like a loss-leader to get you to buy the books, then maybe. Then again, I don't like the idea of having to worry about battery life on my books...but, at the same time, it'd be nice to have a backlit reader so I didn't have to carry around a book light.
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I don't really see to many positives, even reading the good feedback on it. Aside from the rediculous price tag, it doesn't support PDF's and it won't work outside the US. I think they were a bit premature on the release of this one.

As one poster put up on the feed back " Hand this project to Steve Jobs and Apple to Re-design"

Also i can pretty much do those things on my phone already i really don't see a market for these things until they can make it more affordable and a little more versitile.

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I think the ebook reader is a good idea but it will take a long time to catch on. I think it would be nice to go on vacation with several books in one device. Also the ability to cross reference things would be nifty. I think the ideal market for this will be text books though. Get rid of the laptops in the class (with everyone im'ing each other instead of listening to the prof) and use these instead. Sign up for a class and download the book. No standing in line at the bookstore. The price on this one though is way too much. Four hundred clams and it should come pre-loaded with 40 books.
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My problem is not the hardware but the chioce of wireless backbone and subscription model for things you can already surf for for free.

Uses the CDMA (Edit EVDO) network so you're paying a cell network through subscription fees. Newspaper subsrcription for $10 - $15/per month.
$9 per book is good though.
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Since this is third or fourth generation, it looks workable. The textbook idea is a real winner. They are rarely something you keep and since the volume is so low, the prices are insane. It would also cut down on the weight kids have to carry around. Since most schools don't have lockers any more, kids are developing back problems lugging all of their books around.

I don't like reading books on screens. Too much like the jobs I've had over the last 35 years. Software that only has electronic documentation also causes me pain.
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looks liek it would be fecked if i dropped it in the toilet. not so with a book....
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Have you read many wet, Urine soaked books? Seems like the pages might be SLIGHTLY damaged.

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