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1. The salt additions for the mash...Should I be putting that in the mash water, heating that water, then mashing my grains with that water? Or can I just toss the salts in with my grains as I pour the heated mash water into my tun?

2. Sparge Water..same question as above. Throw them into the water, heat the water and sparge? Or throw them into the tun and then pour in the heated sparge water.

I suspect it's that I add it to the unheated water (both mash and sparge) and then heat the water to appropriate temp for my recipe/system and then mash/sparge with that treated water.


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I typically heat extra water just to make it easier to get the right amount (using pitchers to transfer from keggle to MLT). Therefore I end up putting several gallons into the MLT, adding the salts and stirring, and then adding the rest. I don't compensate for sparge water, I make all my additions with the mash water.

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It's the mash pH that you you need to get in the 5.2 to 5.6 range and the sparge pH below 6.0. I add all my necessary salts only to the mash water at room temp. My water has very high alkalinity and RO water has a pH between 5.0 and 6.0 , so I sparge with 100% RO water to keep my sparge pH below 6.

This really simplifies things. For all my beers, I only need to use gypsum and CaCl. When necessary, I'll cut the mash water with RO between 25 and 75 percent to reduce pH and alkalinity. I'll add lactic acid additions (or acidulated malt) to the mash only for beers without roasted malts and other lighter beers.

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