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Nov 2009
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I assume that most of us didnít start out drinking craft beer. If not, then whatís your story? Was there a moment or turning point that you remember when you decided that fizzy yellow beer or whatever you were drinking at the time just wasnít going to cut it anymore?

One night in my late teens I was out drinking with some friends. We were drinking something cheap and disgusting; I think it was peach brandy, and some Budweiser beers. I got totally wasted and tossed my cookies. For several years after that night I could not stand to drink beer of any kind. When I entered college I was mostly drinking Canadian whiskey mixed with Squirt or Sour mixer. This went on for a couple years, after which I got tired of always taking a bottle to keggers and other parties. I finally discovered that I could stand to drink most kegged beer EXCEPT Budweiser, and that I could drink Miller High Life in the bottle. In fact, to this day, nearly 40 years after that night as a teen, I still cannot stand to drink regular Budweiser.

At that time I didnít care for Miller Lite, but when Bud Light came out in the early 80ís, that became my beer of choice. By this time I had graduated college and moved to Texas where they had this odd, dark colored beer called Shiner Bock. I discovered that I liked it a whole lot better than any of the fizzy yellow beers, and I would drink it whenever it was available. So I would consider Shiner Bock to be my Gateway beer.

From there, I would try other dark beers like Dos Equis dark and Negro Modelo which I also liked. A blues bar I frequented had several non BMC beers on tap and I started drinking Full Sail Amber. From there I moved on to some really hearty beers like porters and brown ales. But I believe the day that I thought I had died and gone to heaven was around 2001 when I stopped into a hamburger joint in San Antonio with a huge bottle selection and decided to try a Salvatore doppelbock! Yum! That beer is a meal in itself, and to this day is probably still one of my top 5!

The most recent evolution in my beer taste occurred after my oldest son moved to California to attend college. I had been trying every different kind of beer that I could find for probably the last 10 years or so. I was familiar with IPAs and had tried a Dogfishhead one time and hated it. Around 2006 I flew out to Cali to visit my son, and he took me to a local microbrewery. He insisted that I try their IPA, and I insisted that I didnít like them. But I would try it. Wow! It didnít taste anything like Dogfishead. That was the day I discovered citrusy West Coast style IPAs, and beer drinking has never been the same since. He also introduced me to Stone IPA that visit, so if I could have a second Gateway beer, it would probably be Stone. Now I would say that about 3 out of every 4 beers that I drink is an IPA, APA, pale ale, or other hoppy beer.

All hail the mighty HOP!

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Jan 2013
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All I use to drink was miller light. I started drinking Firemans 4 byReal ale brewery and it changed my life forever.

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Jun 2011
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I'd say Sam Adams. I still enjoy the Boston Lager.

Before that I was all about Bud and Bud Lite. I still enjoy a Bud every once in a while. I don't drink Bud Lite anymore.
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Jan 2013
Cerveza Mesa, AZ
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first (") craft i ever had was franziskaner hefe. after that i had some anchor Steam and then a few other imports. guiness was on rotation, oak creek amber, kiltlifter.. i didnt even like ipa's until about 6 years ago.
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I used to drink the standard Bud Light beers, but I lived in Germany for a while and grew to love pilsners. After that, my first craft beer was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and that really opened my tastebuds to every type of beer. Well, almost every type. I still don't love sours, and probably never will.
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Feb 2011
rochester, ny
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Local brewery, Rohrbachs Scotch Ale, and Hornsby Cider.

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Feb 2013
Campton, Kentucky
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I was in my early 20's and had already sworn off Bud and all the other light beers that you find in any quick-mart. At the time my go-to beer was Killians Irish Red. Even then, it was just beer to me. Nothing special about beer.

So there I was, at the Denver International Airport in Co. Waiting for my flight to KY to be home for Christmas. I had a long wait and found myself in the bar. I asked the bartender for a Killians. They didn't have that. I was like, hmm...what is a good beer you recommend? I was served a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Everything I thought I knew about beer changed with the first taste of that. It broke my heart to discover that it wasn't available in Ky at the time.

When I got home I dug up all of my fathers home brewing equipment and started my first attempts at making my own beer. I had everything I needed. Primaries, secondaries, hoses, cans of malt extract, packets of yeast, all of it was there. Exactly like he left it 10-15 years earlier. I started brewing right away. And that experience is a different story.

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Jan 2013
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Originally Posted by te-wa View Post
first (") craft i ever had was franziskaner hefe. after that i had some anchor Steam and then a few other imports. guiness was on rotation, oak creek amber, kiltlifter.. i didnt even like ipa's until about 6 years ago.
I was stationed in northern Italy and the first beer to pull me away from the BMC was Franziskaner. Still love that beer, and I'm not a huge hefe fan.

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Jun 2009
Lopez Island, WA
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I was 14, living in Germany, and drinking Dort. Exports in bars.

I moved back to the US a couple years later, went to a party, and said, "This is what you think beer is?"
Today I listened to a woman explaining to her young daughter that Sully is not a sequel to Monsters Inc.

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Nov 2013
Dallastown, PA
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Sam Adams Boston Lager. I used to wait for my brother to come home from college on a Friday night with a 6'er.

Needless to say we've both moved on to bigger and better beers but Sam will always have a place in my fridge...(if there's room).

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