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Oct 2007
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I've just purchased three corney kegs, and have a lager that’s been aging for 6 weeks. Now I want to polish up/refurbish the kegs, and force carbonate the lager some time in the near future. I need info/advice/pointers/do's&DONT's for the cleaning and refurbishing as the actual carbonating of my beer.
I'm well aware that if I spent more time looking around- I'd find most of the info I need- but with two jobs, school, a newborn and a sleep deprived wife (me too, I guess) I am not finding myself with enough unstructured time to look around much.
Any redirections to specific prior conversations would be SO appertained, as would actual replies'

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As far as cleaning...disassemble the kegs completely. You can find a ratchet wrench at the hardware store that will fit those posts. KNock them loos and pull the posts...remove the poppets inside, pull out your dip tubes (keep track of what went where) and give everything a good rinse under hot water and a soak in a sanitizing solution of your choice.

You'll find that a good blast of hot water into those kegs will loosen up almost all of the junk. It should just be leftover syrup.

Take all of your o-rings and inspect them. If the kegs came under pressure, the large o-ring should probably be okay. Everything is likely to smell like a generic soda. If any of the o-rings smell like root beer, get rid of them. You'll never get that smell out and it will broadcast into your beer.

Once everything is cleaned, sanitised and dry, reassemble, close the lid and purge the tanks with CO2, then get about 10 pounds of pressure in them. Now they're good to store till y ou're ready.

What kind of additional equipment do you have for kegging (connects, lines, CO2 tank, regulator...)?

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Dec 2006
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If you want the outside to look pretty, soak the keg in some oxyclean and scrub with a green sponge scrubby pad. Pay attention to putting the correct post to the "gas in"side and "beer out" side. The connectors are slightly different sizes and will not fit properly if interchanged. - Dirk
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Kevin Dean
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Jul 2007
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Myself, I've now got 7 kegs sitting in the tiny room that connects all the other rooms (I've got a small apartment, my brew stuff takes up 1/3 of it) but I've never worried about appearance beyond the rubber stuff that I grab on to to move them around.

To get rid of grime there, oxyclean works well. When I'm cleaning out my 6.5 gallon primary bucket, I dip the washcloth in it, soak it, let it sit for a few and then scrub. It doesn't take too much work and I get them "clean enough" to touch. SWMBO also thinks it's safe to touch.

My LHBS receives them "clean" then they sanitize them as well as pressure test them before selling. I trust them with the pressure test but not with the sanitization. I grab my spray bottle and dump some in then connect it to the CO2 tank and squirt some through the tap. After that, I call myself "done" though one of these days I'll actually break the kegs down, replace and lube the parts and re-assemble.
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