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Originally Posted by landhoney
I realize that, and will be buying( or receiving as a gift ) the book in part as a sign of support/gratitude to him for his help to my homebrewing. I was just curious if they were the same recipes posted and the same recipes he goes over in his podcast and will go over in the future.
According to his show schedule: "June 02, 2008 - Lambic/Gueuze/Fruit Lambic"
I don't want to wait till June I'm getting the book.
A lot of the recipes are the same ones he details in the shows. However, I got this book as a gift and absolutely love it. If I'm thinking about brewing a style it's a quick resource with nice recipes and all the specific information you need at a glance. It's sharp and to the point and has a ton of information cramed into a small number of pages. I think it's a definite need for any brewing library.
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Originally Posted by the_bird
He stopped posting new recipes onto the site when the book project got underway (he was putting them up with the new podcasts).

Let's step back a second, though....

Jamil Zainasheff has won awards in essentially EVERY beer category. You know what's crazy? He's been brewing, IIRC, for like seven years, tops.

More crazy? Started with Mr. Beer...
Followed his advice on ales: Fermented 14 days at 63 F, then crashed to 34 F for 14 days. Kegged. Been 2 months almost, and still not brilliantly clear. I'm going to modify his technique: Ferment 10 days, crash with gelatin for 5 days, then to keg. I think this will work better.
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Got in the book today. Looks good, but probably a lot more useful for someone who has not already listened to all of the podcasts. The first few sections I read, most of the information was stuff that I had already heard him talk about (including describing the use of lactic acid instead of lactobacillus in a Berliner Weiss as being equivalent to microwaving a steak). Lots of good information, just in a different media that may be redundant for people who already listen to the shows. Certainly doesn't replace Designing Great Beers as the "must have" book for developing new recipes.
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I have the book and listen to his show and enjoy them both. I like JZ and have learned a lot from him, but at the same time I never take his advice as the end-all-be-all. I use what he says as a stepping stone and build from there. It's important to learn from others and absorb their knowledge, but at the same time you want to be creative, to experiment and to be an individual.
As JZ said, "Recipes don't make great beer, brewers do!"

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