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Marvaden, when you shake the bottle to aerate it prior to pitching the yeast, wont that suffice for the yeasts oxygen needs?

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Best yeast growth (as has been cited other areas of this forum) happens when there is continuous aeration of the starter. You also tend to not do any type of temperature controls for starters (including for lagers).

I had bought an Erlenmeyer flask for using with my stir plate, but this is not completely necessary. You can just walk by your starter once a while and whirl it about and get a bit more oxygen in there. The yeast will be producing enough CO2 to push out any baddies, so the purpose of covering the starter is more to keep dust/hairs/etc out.

But, we're getting off topic here. Just search the forums here or on youtube for information about starters.


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Originally Posted by Scottwhobrews View Post
I made a wheat with Fuggles and crystal loose willamatte hops. Then I boiled corriander, cinnamon sticks, and cherry puree during the last 15.

I pitched a WyYeast into the bucket, but nothing happened for well over 48 hours. I repitched a small package of dry yeast, and that got the air lock bubbling for about a day and a half.

Now it's stopped.

What do I do next? Is it dead? should I pitch yeast again?


I usually just taste the beer to see if it is still sweet in a case like this. If it is still sweet then it cold be stuck or just fermenting really slowly. If it isn't sweet I would think that it could be complete and not stuck.

Also, I have noticed others talking about stirring a starter to oxygenate. This doesn't make sense to me. I always understood that stirring allows more of the yeast to be in contact with the fermentable sugars instead of just the cells on the top of the yeast layer doing to the fermenting. Once the fermentation starts in the starter I would think that the starter is basically full of c02, so stirring wouldn't oxygenate since the starter is full of c02.

Maybe someone else can chime in on this since this is just what makes sense to me and I may easily be wrong. One thing I do know is that stirring the starter does help no matter what the hell is actually happening from the stirring.

Good luck and report back what the beer tastes like!

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Jun 2013
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Stirring the starter would only help oxygenate it if there isn't an airlock. Yeast uses oxygen during its reproduction phase, which is why a lot of brewers try to get some extra oxygen into the wort before pitching the yeast.

Back to topic, I am guessing OP saw the Krausen crash, which does not mean it's stuck. Fermentation does not stop when visible indicators have speed. He should wait it out, relax, and have a good drink.


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Not sure you should have boiled that cherry puree, boiling fruit is going to cause the pectin to making jam or jelly. That could interfere with your yeast if they become coated with's like fining with gelatin right off the bat.
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