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Ó Flannagáin
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Well, if you consider roasted a grain,w ouldn't you consider all the flaked as well?

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Bernie Brewer
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Yeah I probably would, but just the barley and wheat.
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Originally Posted by Fingers
That would be my thought. I added the crystal 60 thinking that I could further roast it for deeper color.
That's why I went 40. Same thinking.
Past Winners: Caramel Cream Ale #1, Hoegaarden Clone, Boom-Boom Vanilla Ale, Lazy Monk Abbey Style, Amarillo Cream Ale. (AG),

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Probably should have labeled 'grains' as 'malt' given that 'adjunct' was also a category.
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Nov 2006
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Grain: 2 row, Crystal 20L, Wheat
Hops: Hallertauer, Warrior, Amarillo
Yeast: WLP007, Nottingham, WLP400
Adjuncts: Coriander, orange peel, dextrose
Originally Posted by the_bird
Well, if you *love* it.... again, note that my A.S.S. has five pounds.

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Which 3 grains?
Maris Otter British 2-row
Crystal 60
Vienna malt or Munich (I'm torn)

Which 3 hops?
Northern Brewer

Which 3 yeasts?
Fermentis us-56

Which 3 Adjuncts?
Brown Sugar
Flaked wheat
Roasted Barley

Green Lane Brewing

Primary = Evan!'s Special Bitter
On Deck = EdWort's Porter / American Amber

EdWort's Haus Pale Ale Count

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Oct 2006
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Grain: Belgian Pilsner Malt, Crystal 40L, Roasted Barley
Hops: Warrior, Cascade, Fuggles,
Yeast: S-04 (English Ale), S-05 (American Ale), WLP500 (Trappist Ale)
Adjuncts: Honey, Corn Sugar, Candi Sugar
Primary - Pale Mild, Ginger Ale, Brown Porter
Secondary - Stupid Berliner Weiss that won't sour...

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Maris Otter, Crystal 40L, Munich

Cascade, EKG, Hallertauer

US-05, Wyeast 1762, Wyeast 3068

Dextrose, Flaked wheat, Roasted barley
Aristocratic Ales, Lascivious Lagers

•Scottish 80/- •Sweet Stout •Roggenbier
.primary | bright:
98: Moss Hollow Soured '09 72: Oude Kriek 99: B-Weisse 102: Brett'd BDSA 104: Feat of Strength Helles Bock 105: Merkin Brown
.on tap | kegged:
XX: Moss Hollow Springs Sparkling Water 95: Gott Mit Uns German Pils 91b: Brown Willie's Oaked Abbey Ale 103: Merkin Stout
98: Yorkshire Special 100: Maple Porter 89: Cidre Saison 101: Steffiweizen '09 (#3)

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Oct 2005
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Grains: 2 Row, Caramel 80, Chocolate
Hops: Columbus, Nugget, EKG
Yeast: Nottingham, London Ale
Adjuncts: Flacked Corn, Flacked Rye, MD
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Originally Posted by Bernie Brewer
BTW a lot of you are listing roasted barley as an adjunct. Wouldn't you consider that as a grain? Specialty grain, yes, but grain nonetheless
Since it is not malted it is technically considered an adjunct.

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