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I love this stuff. I have been trying every APA I can get my hands on since they are so easy to make even my first one came out good.

I remember the first time I used Chinook too, thinking "This would be a good aroma hop", and then looking up to see 12.6% is pretty much a bittering hop.

And I used Fuggles once before and wondered how they would do as a bittering hop. I know how Fuggles does on a salad with some roquefort and some bacon bits - yummy. But I looked it up and according to the book it is pretty much an aroma hop.

Then I tried my first bottle of Firestone - Walker Pale. Thank goodness some people think outside the book. Now from googling the actual beer it seems to be a love it or hate it kind of brew. Home page is here: http://www.firestonewalker.com/secti...one_beers.html .

I did search, dude tasted and reviewed the Double Barrel Ale. That was the only hit I got.

Centennial hops I have never used.

I am not too terribly worried about the grain bill, but if anyone has any pointers on the hop schedule or ratios of C/C/C late kettle I am all ears.


I am going for it. If you search on firestone -Walker you are only going to get two hits. I don't see bumping this thread for the smal amount of info I have now. I have been making EdWorts Haus Pale over and over, bumping the hops up a little each time. See page 12 of EdWorts recipe thread for my tensith calculations. Anyway today i did it agasin, PM version again, with Saaz and Hallertau for bittering and Chinook for flavor and aroma, total HBUs is up to 21, pitched at 2100 on 11-21-07. When I pour something that tastes close I will bump the thread.

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This thread looks pretty dead, but anyways let's see if anyone is out there...

Firestone Pale is a favorite session beer of mine too, comparable to Sierra Nevada, but better in my opinion. There is a big difference between Firestone Pale, which they brew under different labels for different folks (mainly local pizza places), and the full label Double Barrel (which is what I tend to find), possibly the oak chipping.

I've seen a lot of notes about Firestone using a hop schedule of the 3C's (Centennial, Chinook, and Cascade). I believe it's:

0.5oz each of Columbus, Chinook and Cascade at 15min.
0.5oz each of all 3 at flame-out.
0.5oz each of all 3 dry hop.

The only discrepancy I see is the bittering hop, sometimes Williamette, some times Fuggles. I'm no expert, but they seem to be similar. I think it's usually a full 1 oz at 60min.

I'm still working out my grain bill, if you want to call it that, I will be doing a partial mash. Lots of Pale Malt Extract, some Victory (light), and a bit of Munich (as I won't be using any Marris Otter, which I think Firestone uses, and this seems to be similar).

Other than that, will be going with a California Ale yeast and trying to keep it on the low side of the recommended fermentation temp, will probably pitch with a big starter (1/2 gal).

This will be my third batch, any suggestions are highly welcome.

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Take a listen here. Remember Pale 31 is mission st pale with X percentage of DBA mixed in.


check this out too


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Old 06-24-2011, 10:23 PM   #4
Jun 2011
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Great link(s) Humann_brewing, thank you very much. The Link to Mission St well documents the podcast, the podcast is well worth the listen (pretty hilarious, I'll be looking for more of their work).

Off to the Trader's!

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