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Oct 2005
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Now that I'm getting more experienced with brewing procedures, I wanted to start experimenting with individual ingredients. What I want to do is basically brew a bunch of simple beers, and change only one or two things at a time. I figure in the long run I'll be able to make a better brew if I can isolate and identify where the specific flavors in my beers are coming from.

Anyway, before I buy more supplies from my homebrewing shop, just wanted to know if anyone here had a simple, but decent recipe including Wyeast American Ale 1056, Cascade or Chinook hops, and dry light malt extract (I make 2.5-3 gallon batches) As far as grain goes, I also have some Amber Crystal Malt grain and flaked barley around my house. Since the recipe will have to be "adaptable" for experimentation, it doesn't have to be an award-winning recipe or match a specific style, just something that's drinkable. Why let good homebrew go to waste?

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God Emporer BillyBrew
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Sep 2005
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I saw a recipe for "table beer" on one of those recipe sites. Cat's Meow or something. Anyway it was 6 lbs DME, 1 oz cascade hops and yeast. Can't remember which kind....

I was kind of intrigued by that. very inexpensive and a good way to figure out what the basic tastes like. I was thinking about doing the same thing that you were, starting with that recipe.
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Dec 2005
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There are so many combinations of ingredients its truly hard to distinguish one flavor because unless your going to brew with that same yeast the flavor will change even on an identical batch. I brewed a simple beer with just base malt etc.. and split up the batch, pitched different yeast and when it was done they were totally different beers, not even close. So it all comes down to the yeast sometimes. Hope this helps

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The Happy Mug
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Nov 2005
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Sounds to me like you've already got a nice, simple batch on hand. For a 2.5 to 3 gallon recipe, I would recommend:

3.5 lbs of the DME
3/4 lb of the crystal malt

As for the hops, I'd use a combination of both. Chinook for bittering, cascade for finishing. This depends more on how hoppy you like it. If you are experimenting, you probably do not want it overly hoppy to distract from subtle tastes. I would recommend:

1/2 oz chinook, full boil
1/4 oz cascade, @ 20 minutes
1/4 oz cascade, @ heat shut off

1/4 oz cascade, dry hopped if you wish.

And, of course, your Wyeast American Ale 1056 yeast

I have never used flaked barley, so I can't make a recommendation. I'm certain somebody else here could. Me? I'd use it anyway, but I'd check for advice on quantity.
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I agree with the Happy Mug's suggestions, except I wouldn't go over 1/2 lb crystal. Sounds like a great starting point for an experiment. 1/4 lb of crystal should make a noticeable difference in taste.

I also agree with usmcruz. I'm just sampling two brews identical except for the yeast. The difference is quite amazing.


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