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i thought i saw one in here a while ago... anyone got anything on soda? my other brother don't drink, but wants to make ginger ale and the like. i have no clue, and am reluctant to give over a carboy and a small brew kettle for him to gunk up with sugar.

does the soda process use yeast? if so, how does it not convert the sugar to alcohol?
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You don't need a fermentor to make soda's. You just mix the flavoring with water and sugar, and bottle carbonate. Most HBS's carry several flavors. Or some folks on the forum have recipes. I've seen one for ginger ale that was pretty simple. One warning, though. I did root beer a while back and used my bottling bucket and racking cane and tube and they smelled just like Root beer the next time I used them. don't know if they flavored the beer or not, but I'll buy a new set next time and not interchange the two.
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My daughter and I did a cream soda a while back. We mixed the soda extract and sugar with so much water and a little champagne yeast right in the bottle. The instructions that came with the extract assured us that the alcohol content would be negligible. Let it sit for 4 days to carbonate and then refrigerate to stop fermentation. Came out pretty good, if you like cream soda. The local HBS had four or five different flavors to choose from.

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