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Feb 2007
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why are so many US brewers so fascinated with cascade (or similiar) hops? an ESB.... with overwhelming cascade aroma? WTH? every 6er i buy is a gamble that any subtlety will be negated by the unique grapefruitiness of cascade. not completely anti cascade, a top note with some willamette is nice, but really! next i expect to find a cascade version of a pilsener. i guess i can rightfully expect it in an APA but it seems like the only hop that some brewers have available. a cascade stout, you betcha!, how about a fine brown porter, lets break out the cascade! against all the laws of nature in a bitter. how about an octobercade? hmmm. tasty!

kinda poking a bit of fun but it does appear that there is a lack of imagination sometimes.

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Mar 2007
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im not from the US and cascade is by far my favourite hop to use for homebrewing. it is that cascade nose that i love. i wouldn't try it in a pilsner though or a stout.

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I just got two pounds of it yesterday....

Any brewer that's making an "American" version of a style, Cascade's pretty much synonymous with that. I think you may be overstating its overuse a LITTLE bit, though...
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Aug 2007
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I'm not really a big cascade fan, either. It seems like every American craft brew has a generous amount of cascade in it. For me, it gets old buy all these different kinds of beer and getting that cascade aroma with a huge number of IBU's. All the different craft beers I have tried all kind of blend together into cascadeness.

It's a good hop, I just think its oerused a little.

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Jul 2005
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Don't you love the way it gets your dishes nice and clean?
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Mar 2007
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I'm with you. I've used thme a decent amount, and I used a LOT of them on a recent pale...in comparing it with the Simcoes though-I think I like the Simcoes a lot better. They are a bit less fruity than Cascades, and have more of a cat-pi$$ taste/smell....for some reason I like that better.

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Sep 2007
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Don't worry. You won't see as much Cascade next year!

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Mar 2007
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Cascade is a very good and versatile hop. I agree that in some cases it is misused (e.g. dryhopped ESB), but it should be used frequently for American ales. Centennial is another awesome American "C" hop. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

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Jun 2007
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I don't know, I think it gives me an advantage because everyone else has "sierra envy" (yes I do have a "sorta sierra" session beer going for SWMBO)
It gives me an advantage to use different hops and come up with a more unique flavor.
Cascade is good though. That is part of the problem(if it is a problem).
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Mar 2007
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Originally Posted by Cheesefood

Don't you love the way it gets your dishes nice and clean?

LOL Cheese!

I have 3 lbs of cascade that I picked in August. I love it! (especially with the hop situation) I am drinking an all cascade IPA and IMO, it's really good. Nice and grapefruity. I also used it in 10 gal of EW haus ale that's in secondary and in the holiday spice that's conditioning in bottles.

With just under 2 lbs left, I'll be using it some more. Unless someone here would like to trade me for 1/2 lb of a whole British hop!

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