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I had a funny thought while reading one of the other threads which mentioned the need to degas a fermenting mead. Since a 5-gallon carboy weighs at least 44 pounds at the beginning of fermentation, and at least 40 when fermentation is over, it occurred to me that there must be a better way to degas mead without moving the whole carboy (or bucket).
What if there were a device to help nucleate bubbles passively, but could also br moved from outside the carboy with a magnet? Maybe something like a stir-bar, but with a surface that could nucleate bubbles, and would be soft enough not to scratch the inside of a better bottle, but hard enough not to become covered in critter-trapping scratches? And while we're at it, something that doesn't allow yeast to stick?

I wonder if this would be helpful?

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You don't need to move the fermenter and it depends on type.....

Carboy type need a custom type stirrer usually just a rod that has folding arms so they spin out when its rotated (use a drill.....)

With bucket fermenters the limit is your imagination and sanitising skills.

Balloon whisks, stick blenders, spoons, stirring paddles, etc etc......

Now it may seem a pedantic point, but you don't degas at the ferment stage. You are agitating the brew to get some air/O2 into the brew for aeration purposes. Yes the side effect is that it degasses the brew as well but that's not the primary reason.

Plus its not the device that nucleates the brew, its the micro particles that you disturb......

Oh, and of course, if you really just want to degas a live ferment, you could just use a vacuum pump (only on glass fermenters of course)....
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One of our Youtube vids showing boiling stones vs marbles in degassing, the marbles dont have nearly the surface area or nucleation points as does the boiling stones. Also, you dont really need to degass while its fermenting, the CO2 acts to protect the wine from oxigenation early on which is why you can stir it up a couple of times a day without oxidizing it.

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