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Thank you everyone for the replies. Sorry I did not clarify, but I boiled the sugar for 15 min and cooled before adding.

All bottles are random.

I will reclean the spigot

I have an extra chest freezer with temp control that I can use for kegs. Can someone give me a place to start on the magical world of kegging? I have looked around online and seem a little hesitant (kind of like when I went to all grain)

Thank you everyone.

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Go to the DIY forum and look up "keezer". I would guess there are more than 100 posts about it. Cheers
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What was the amount of sugar that "Beersmith said" to use? And what were the FGs? I assume they were stable (not changing) over at least three days?

I ignore those priming calculators because I've seen this happen often, where they go by fermentation temperature and add too much priming sugar or too little.

For lagers, I use 1 ounce of corn sugar by weight of finished beer. Normally, that's about 4.5 ounces of sugar per batch.

Also, Beersmith is terrible at predicting FG. It's just at best a guestimate of the attenuation % of the ingredients. If it's a reasonable FG, say, 1.014 for your lager, then that's ok but I've seen some wild FG predictions in Beersmith.
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Originally Posted by storytyme View Post
Can someone give me a place to start on the magical world of kegging?
If you have one locally, go to a `welding supply shop`.
They are where you will get your CO2 tank re-filled when needed &
will have the tank/pressure guages and regulators in stock.
You will need of course a keg, a tap, beer lines,gas lines, & a `manifold` if you plan on running more than one keg.(or want to carb a 2nd keg without unplugging the 1rst keg)

I got my keg system from B.I.Y. Homebrew supply.
Joe from there will basically pre-assemble a kit for you.
Their # is (319) 373-BEER
Their addy is
147 Marion Blvd #C, Marion, IA 52302
It's pretty much a 1 man show there so you might have to leave a message an his machine but he's usually pretty good about getting back to you.

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Are you sure that they were done. The FG given by brew software is just an estimate. Quite often my brews end up a few points lower.

I am guessing that is your problem, more so than priming sugar. Priming sugar being off a little will not cause bottle bombs. It take quite a lot of extra sugar to do that.

I do not understand why some feel the need to answer a bottling question with "You should keg" It does nothing to answer the question that was asked.

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Have you opened a beer from the batch that did not explode? Was it over carbonated? What temp did you ferment at?

I had a batch two months ago of a German altbier that fermented a 62F, and when I bottled it I calculated the priming sugar to give me 2.7 volumes of CO2. What I did not take into account was there was already about 1.5 Volumes of CO2 dissolved in the beer due to fermenting at a cooler temp. The beer ended up well over carbed, but they were all new bottles and did not result in bottle bombs but I could see if the bottles were old and a little fragile they might have blown.

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So like you OP, I am having issues with bottle bombs since using Beersmith. I am convinced this is user error as I have had 100% success copying recipes from other breweries.

My last 2 batches I followed the beersmith instructions to a T.

Beersmith says I should add 5.14 oz of DME for roughly 4.25 gallons of volume.

Checked, and double checked that gravity is stable.
Measured DME out (by weight) and boiled for about 5 minutes then cooled.
dropped DME solution in bottling bucket then added beer.
Meticulously sanitized bottles and equipment.
Bottled and capped. Placed in an ice chest. Bottle explodes after just 2 days.
the result is 100% of my bottles are way over carbonated (see video)

The ONLY thing i can think of is that i do not have a fermentation chamber yet, and the temperature did reach the high 80's in my house for a day or so. but this has never been an issue on the last 10 batches of beer i have made.

As i type this, i am in the process of putting together a fermentation chamber with a dual stage temp controller. I just want to make sure i'm not missing anything else before i explode another batch of beer. I know that a stable temprature is key, but i cant help but feel that i am getting the wrong measurements on the priming sugar.

Looking forward to your feedback, Cheers!!

Heres the video. http://youtu.be/FXtusxdLRzY

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