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Originally Posted by brewman ! View Post
OK, I've got a can of Strongbow in front of me. The ingredients are listed right on the can.

================================================== =
Ingredients: fermented apple juice & glucose syrup, water, sugar, carbon dioxide,
acid: E270, E330, antioxidant: E224(sulphites).
================================================== =

That is way more information we get from other beers. MY gf and I compared Strongbow to my well aged Apfelwein. There are some similarities. Strongbow is stronger and drier/crisper.

Notice the "glucose sugar" ingredient. I suspect that strongbow has less apple juice than Apfelwein and more water/sugar, ie "glucose syrup". Once its fermented, they must stabilize it with potassium sorbate and then dilute it with water and carbonate it. We should be able to reverse engineer and clone it.
Just a quick Note, let me preface with the fact I know nothing about ciders and even less about homebrewing.. but I did spot this and it stuck out to me that what is bolded, is not very likely there is more syrup then Apple Juice because if there was more "Syrup" in the drink, it would of been listed before the apple juice. Anyone got anything new on this, I would be interested as well
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If you read it, the syrup is listed first. " Fermented Apple Juice and Glucose Syrup,...."
Which means they mix them both in an unknown ratio, and ferment them.. then add sugar, water and CO2.

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Originally Posted by brewman ! View Post
OK, I've got a can of Strongbow in front of me. The ingredients are listed right on the can.

================================================== =
Ingredients: fermented apple juice & glucose syrup, water, sugar, carbon dioxide,
acid: E270, E330, antioxidant: E224(sulphites).
================================================== =
Any updates on the Strongbow clone?
I too wish to make a Strongbow clone, and am "working on it".

The BOTTLED Strongbow I buy reads different then what Brewman posted.. It says:

"Ingredients: Fermented apple juice or apple juice concentrate, sugars, water, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sulferdioxide ( to preserve freshness as sulfiting agent)."

I been buying it because I like it, and I want the bottles.
The bottles are 12 oz, unbranded clear glass, with non-twistoff crown caps.
PERFECT for reuse of Apfelwein or Strongbow clone!
A friend of mine went to buy some of the same.
When he got home he realized the Strongbow he had bought had the twist-off crowns.
He is now going to look for the ones like I found.
I am going to buy all I can find because I fear they might not be available much longer in the non-twist off type.
I have 9 six-packs so far.

Here is the six-pack, full bottle, empty bottle, and standard 12 oz beer bottle.

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Aug 2008
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Looking at the ingredients, they probably make it by mixing their apple juice and enough glucose to get a SG that will yield the right amount of ABV (or at least close). When it is done fermenting they likely adjust the ABV by adding water and then sulfite it. I've had strongbow and it taste backsweetened so I reckon they add a little sugar after sulfiting and then force carb it into bottles.

The other thing is it does NOT taste like wine. I'd almost bet they use a very clean fermenting yeast .

Reason: missed one thing

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If it is an actual english cider, in the traditional sense, then it uses english cider apples with high acid and tannin contents. If that is the case, store bought juice wont cut it.

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Jan 2008
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if you want it dry use chamagne yeast

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I've drank a fair bit of Strongbow and I definitely wouldn't call it dry. Definitely back-sweetened. I get a pretty darn close approximation by just using a dry cider yeast on preservative-free apple juice (Wal-Mart brand works), nuking the yeast with potassium sorbate in a 3-4 week secondary, and then I back-sweeten with Treetop concentrate. Keg that and you're good to go.

Strongbow, Bullmer's, etc. are a far cry from "proper" dry, aged ciders.

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Originally Posted by Schlenkerla View Post

This is a standard English cider recipe from "Brewing for Dummies".
Realize that English Cider and Strongbow are two completely different animals. English Cider uses ale yeasts, is often not very carbonated, and is served at English room temp (60ish F) -very much like a proper Real Ale. Strongbow and its competitors are what the riff raff kids in England drink to get smashed because its sweet and cheap. The corn sweetner is probably added post-fermentation to add to its sweetness. Its the English equivalent of wine coolers. (I'm not knocking Strongbow...I think its pretty tasty stuff. I just want the world to not associate Strongbow with the English Cider style. The deep ciders served in Cumberland out of plastic jugs in the fall are fabulous...and they're nothing like Strongbow and definately nothing like I've ever found in the states.)
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Originally Posted by monty73741 View Post
if you want it dry use chamagne yeast
Ditto that, it'll be strong and dry. Then back sweeten
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Someone mentioned about store bought juice not cutting it. Here at my LHBS they sell kits with Wine Tannin, Pectin Enzyme, Acid Blend and Sorbate to stabilize. They recommend using fresh unpasteurized apple juice.

This is what I was thinking. PLEASE SOMEONE CHIME IN.

for a Cheap Recipe:
5 gal Store bought juice (unfiltered pastuerized)
Ale yeast
3 tsp acid blend
.75 tsp malic acid
1 tsp wine tanni
2.5 tsp pectin enzyme

The recommend more acid blend rather than malic acid. I believe Strongbow gets a certain slight tartness from Malic Acid commonly found in Apples. So this adds a little bit more malic acid to tartin' it up a bit. Also the LHBS called for more wine tannin. I dont think Strongbow has much tannin taste, though I am no expert. So I dialed it back a bit.

ferment cold to prevent off flavors. 60F maybe?
ferment close to dry. Kill yeast
Backsweeten with apple juice concentrate (start with 1-2)
Keg and Drink?


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