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Oct 2012
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Been a forum stalker and wannabe home brewer for a while. While visiting my uncle, I sampled a batch of his Mead and inspiration struck!

This is a log of my low budget, first attempt at a Hard Cider.

Bought a jug (96oz) of Organic Apple Cider, no preservatives. 8$
#6 stopper 1.25$
Airlock 1.25$
Montrachet yeast 2$?

I took a sample and got 1.050 SG but I didnt know the reading should be taken at room temps. My cider was out of the fridge. So I know my #'s are off.

Anyways, after taking a SG reading I had too much headspace so I boiled down table 1 C. sugar and 1 C. water. Added about 3/4C. to the Cider.

Had the yeast in warm water and pitched after about 10 minutes soaking.

Now the airlock is securely in place.

I'll likely let it cook for 3 weeks. Then back sweeten if necessary, carb and pasteurize. The hope is a Hard Cider with little sweetness and a little Carbonation.

- What I learned -
1. I need a better thermometer
2. I need tongs
3. This is fun. I need more Cider

- What I would like to know-
1. Can I bottle in wine bottles and cork 'em?
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Well no. There are a lot of things that you haven't thought of. For one, wine bottles won't hold carbonation. They will blow up. Secondly, getting your cider carbonated is a couple stage process. After fermentation is complete, you will add extra sugar to back-sweeten the batch, then bottle in BEER bottles. You could use Belgian bottles with a cork if that strikes your fancy. After the residual yeast start eating the extra sugar that you added to back-sweeten, it will carbonate. Once it has carbonated to your liking, you will either just throw them in the fridge to halt further carbonation or pasteurize (there is a thread on this site called stove top pasteurization). Being that you are only doing a gallon batch, I'd just throw them in the fridge if you have room. You can test carbonation either by opening one up and trying it or fill a plastic pop bottle along with your glass ones and when the plastic bottle feels hard like a fresh bottle of pop, fridge or pasteurize. Hope this helped.

Edit- oops didn't see that you mentioned pasteurizing already.

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Oct 2012
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Okay, thanks for the info. Much appreciated!

I'll sample after 3-4 weeks and decide if I really want to carb or not.

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