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Oct 2013
Lincoln, NE
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Hey Everyone, I'm new to this forum have read some threads on here but have never posted anything. I decided awhile back to try and make a brewing setup and after visiting I loved the idea of an electric brewery. I like how Kal made his, but I thought it could be achieved cheaper, with a lot less wiring, and way more features. So I decided on a HERMS setup with an Arduino based controller and custom Software. To date, I currently have the Stand, Control Panel, and Software "BrewSomething" BETA completed. Items to go include, installing elements, HERMS coil, and run the 50A outlet. Then a ton of testing.

Below is the system so far. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Temp Probe distribution block - using a OneWire Protocol

BrewSomething - Software that I've been developing for this project. At this time pretty basic but will get more advanced in the future.

Video of Pumps

Video of Tablet running Control Panel

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Except for the cheap unibit, looks like an overachiever's dream! I'm jealous?
- Andrew

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Holy cow what a first post!!!

Welcome to the obsession!!!!

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Jun 2013
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Its looks awesome! Out of curiousity is this something you're going to do more commercial or area you planning to open source it?

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Feb 2013
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Looks great! My only concern is the one wire plugs; they will/do short out wires when you insert/remove them. XLR three wire type is a great replacement just a bit more $$

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Nov 2011
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Nice. Very similiar to what I'm (slowly) working on but I'm RIMS rather than HERMS. I have the same questions as refluxologist -- do the 1/4" audio plugs short out? I initially built my one-wire network with 1/8" plugs but found I would occasionally lose comms with them during testing when I unplugged / plugged. I went with RJ45 keystone jacks which are less expensive that XLR3 and I have much of the equip in the shop.

As you, I used the arduino mega board. Two PID (HLT & MT) and then PWM for the BK -- all in software. I opted to have a temp set on both via switches / buttons / knobs on my enclosure as well as via http. I user the EthernetServer object in my sketch which listens for http POSTS from a client and responds to posted data as well as returns temp data and any instructions from the hardware interface.

Only reason I went this route is to mitigate risks of the http interface going tits up. Planning on posting here when (if??) I get done.

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Nov 2011
Indianapolis, IN
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Follow up question: are you using the 16 channel relay board for pump control? Is that the one from SainSmart?

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WOW what a setup! Great job. I look forward to seeing how your automation comes along!

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Jan 2009
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Any details on what you're doing for the software? Is it an Android app or a web interface with a HTTP server running on the Arduino or something?

Also, I see you plan for level sensors. What are you doing there or is that a long ways off?

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Apr 2012
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Originally Posted by refluxologist View Post
Looks great! My only concern is the one wire plugs; they will/do short out wires when you insert/remove them. XLR three wire type is a great replacement just a bit more $$
A little tweety bird told me that 220 ohm resistors on the DATA and 5V lines will help cure any problems there. Shottky diodes between GND ->[- DATA and DATA ->[- 5V won't hurt either.

The star topology is OK over short distances.

Great post! Looking forward to updates. I am planning a Mega-based build myself.

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