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Oct 2007
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Alright, so I brewed my second beer, a Pumpkin Ale, but I forget to take the OG... D'ogh!The recipe says that OG 1.056,, and Final 1.014. I will probably move it to a secondary after 5 days or so, and then leave it in the seconday for a couple weeks.. then bottle....

Is is safe to watch the secondary and after a couple of weeks, when the readings remain the same, bottle it? I don't want any exploding bottles...

What do you think about me trying a little in 2.5 weeks? (for turkey Day)



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Bernie Brewer
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Many a homebrewer makes great beer without ever touching an hydrometer. I've never made a pumpkin ale, but the rule of thumb is 1-2-3. One week in primary, two weeks in secondary, and three weeks in the bottle. you could probably rush it along a little, but it'll taste better if you're patient.
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Old 11-05-2007, 12:28 AM   #3
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+1, 5 days is too soon. Give it at least a week in primary, I do 2-2-3 personally.
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You are in the group...too anxious to wait...and your beer will suffer for it. Your medium-high gravity brew will take at least 10 days to ferment out. Another 2 weeks in the secondary then 3 or more weeks in the bottle.

I'm going to guess that you used some clove, ginger nutmeg, pumpkin pie spices or a combination of the listed? Chances are your brew will be ready NEXT year, but not this one.

The spices I mentioned take a long time to mellow out.

You can try it, but don't expect success in the short time period you left yourself with.

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Oct 2006
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I see you've been chastised (and rightly so) for trying to rush things, but no one has really answered your question: "Is is safe to watch the secondary and after a couple of weeks, when the readings remain the same, bottle it?" Yes, it'll be safe and you won't get bottle bombs if the gravity is close to the predicted final gravity and stable for a couple of days. Forgetting the O.G. reading is no big deal. As a matter of fact, I don't take an O.G. reading on my extract brews because I've had enough squirrely readings to decide that it's not worth the trouble (not to mention the waste of good wort).

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All of the above is Excellent advise. The only thing I would add is go get your self some good commercial brew and drink that while you're waiting so you won't be tempted to drink your home brew green or rush things.

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Oct 2005
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Green pumpkin beer will probably be really bad. I suppose you could put some in a 2L plastic bottle with priming sugar when you move the rest to the clearing tank, but ...
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