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Old 12-18-2005, 08:36 PM   #1
Aug 2005
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I have a batch of cider fermenting in the primary right now. And truthfully, I'd like to enjoy some will the holiday season is still in full swing. I've thought about not carbonating it, or maybe doing half and half. Anyone here prefer their cider without the C02? This is my first cider so I really have no clue.

Also, I was thinking about making a sweeter cider, and have no idea of how to do that with carbonating it. If I don't carbonate it, I can just use camben tablets or add more juice, but if I want it sweet and carbonated, won't the sugars just be eaten up in the bottle conditioning phase? If I could keg it would be solved, but until then... I have to figure something out.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Sep 2005
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You could add lactose or a commercial wine sweetner. As for carbonated cider I guess the yes or no is down to personal choice. I think the 50/50 idea is good.
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Jun 2005
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It's all in what you like. I like it still with no carbonation and usually draw off a gallon or so at a time straight from a carboy.

Sweetness can be controlled in many ways, think the easiest is in your yeast choice. Ale yeast will leave some sweetness while wine yeast will dry it right out. Again, all in what you like. For me it's dry and still.

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Oct 2005
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I have found that light carbonation makes cider taste sweeter as does chilling it. My latest batch is closer to a blackberry wine than a cider, so it does well without carbonation. The next batch is straight fresh pressed apple juice, so it will get some CO2.
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Nov 2005
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If I used a champagne yeast, I definetly carbonate it. It adds a touch of sweetness without the extra sugars. But I LOVE Champagne more than most beer. (commercial, that is!) Think about the people who may be 'helping' you drink your cider. Are they wine people? If so, what kind of wine, the white zin or the chardonay kind? White Zin people: They'll be more likely to drink it if it's carbonated. It tastes sweeter, and the bubbles help to 'coat' the flavoring. 1 cup of boiled Lactose in your secondary will give it just enough sweetness to accomadate the normals. Typically tarter wines: uncarbonated makes it closer to straight wine.
I've done one normal cider with Ale yeast. It tasted 'funny' without the carbonation. I can't describe it. Just tasted...flat.
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Sep 2005
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My personal preference is bubbly all the way. It doesn't taste complete without it.
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Old 12-20-2005, 08:31 PM   #7
Aug 2005
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I like my cider slightly carbonated, but cant say that I have drank any that was still on purpose.

You could carbonate natuarally but that will almost always result in a dry cider unless you add unfermentable sugar. I also heard that an ale yeast helps to keep the cider sweet.

IMO kegging would be the best soln for carbonated sweet cider.

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Old 01-02-2006, 08:50 PM   #8
May 2005
Vancouver, WA
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Ive only made one batch of cider, so far.
I put some of it in a three liter soda bottle and attached it to my Tap-A-Draft to carbonate. I must say that I preferred it cabonated.
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May 2005
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Carbonated all the way - always

Nothing - Out of room - have to bottle something before I can fit more on the aging shelf.

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