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Jan 2013
berwyn, il
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good article for the beginning kegger in the new BYO. it says (and most sources seem to say) to pull off all your beer lines and clean them after each keg ideally. how exactly do you pull off your beer lines to clean them? this thread:
seems to say you can't? should i just shorten my line a few inches every time i clean it, that doesn't seem right?

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May 2012
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Clean them - yes. Pull them all apart - no. Just push some cleaner through them.

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Mar 2013
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That article is referring to when you have barbed connections for your hoses. They are a little tough to remove but not impossible. Personally I have MFL connections to as much as possible so that if I want to remove the line I just I untighten the connection. As for connecting to your shank.. That can be a little hard but if you wiggle the line to try to "stretch it sideways" you can get them off. It's a good idea to clean your whole setup after every keg. Some people will tell you that if the beer your replacing is similar to the one that was run prior (a Porter and a Stout) then you don't need to, but I do. I like to clean everything with oxyclean.

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Jul 2011
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Agreed. Just push some sanitizer through the lines. Ideally, after every keg. However, there are times when you will have to break down the lines and clean out the crud build up in them. We use iodophor for cleaning out our lines, pumps and machines every day at our restaurant, especially the dairy lines for soft serve ice cream.
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Iodophor is fine sanitizer but a totally ineffective cleaning agent.
One hopes the real regimen doesn't start and end with iodophor...


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PBW ftw.
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Jan 2013
berwyn, il
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so it seems like most of you don't pull the lines on a normal basis. thanx for that!

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Jan 2013
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i did mine last week. i put a quart of Star San'd water in the keg, then under 5 lbs pressure forced the solution thru the lines until it was all out. then when keg has beer, you'll force out the star san water in the first pour. this method wasted about 5-6 oz of beer, but was easier than taking the whole dual tap tower apart. hope this helps...
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Mar 2011
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I've been taking the tap off, and filling the line with pure, undiluted BLC. It's not hard with a sankey tap, and picnic nozzles.

Leave that sit for a few hours, and then run hot water through it from the sink.
It seems to get them clean.

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Nov 2010
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After kicking a keg, I do the following.
1. Rinse the keg out, then scrub keg and parts with oxyclean.
2. Pressurize the keg and hook it to the beer line. Push that oxyclean through the line and let it sit in there for a half hour.
3. Rinse the keg with clean water then pressurize. Run that clean water through the beer line to remove the oxyclean.
4. Put half a gallon of starstan in the cleaned keg, swish around and let sit for a few minutes. Then pressurize and run the starsan through the beer line until the keg is empty.

I now have a sanitized keg that can sit until I break the seal to fill with beer. And a clean beer line to hook up another keg to.
Maybe this technique seems silly to some, but it has worked for me so far.
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