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I didn't know babies had to be sterilized. Good thing I'm not a parent

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lol... I meant the fluid yo use for sterilizing baby bottle's, dummies etc..

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1. Idophor (a medical version -- Betadine 10% aqueous)
I pay 3 for 500ml and need 1.25ml per litre to make a no rinse solution
Description: If you keep your equipment clean between brews, Iodophor is a great sanitizer. (Your equipment will not be clean if you simply rinse after use. You must use a cleaner, such as TSP.) Iodophor is excellent for stainless steel- which Diversol will corrode- and all other beermaking equipment. Mixed properly and used in a spray bottle, Iodophor is almost magical in its convenience: there's no waiting and no rinsing. Cleaning Iodophor does not clean. Use a cleanser such as TSP before sanitizing with Iodophor. Sanitizing Mix 1 ml per litre of cold water.
I've read in an article that to obtain a 12.5 ppm solution , you should use 1/2 fl. Oz. of Iodophor in 5 Galons of Water .

1/2 fl. Oz. = 15 mL of Iodophor ( 10% aqueous )

5 Gallons = 19 Lit.

15/19 = 0.8 mL of Iodophor per Lit. of Water

So why you use 1.25 mL of Iodophor per Lit. of Water ?!!


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I heard that One Step is now considered more of a cleaner than a sterilizer. is this true? I've used One Step for all my beers and have never had a problem. Then again, I'm very careful with cleaning.
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Originally Posted by Drunkensatyr View Post
Why isn't Urine on the list?

ok ok delete this one if you want to keep this thread 100% serious
Works great to clear up athletes foot before you stir with your feet.
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Has anyone used Oxo Brite? They sell big tubs of it at my grocery store, and the ingredients (and their website) list only Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Carbonate.

The combination is supposed to be more effective, yes? A better deal than pure percarbonate and no one around here stocks oxyclean "free".

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Originally Posted by menschmaschine View Post
Just to add to the sanitizers (sanitisers), I sometimes use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for little parts (and then rinse with pre-boiled water) and sometimes not-so-little parts when in a jam. But if I remember correctly, I couldn't get that in the UK... I believe it's Surgical Spirit and has more in it than isopropanol and water (and probably cost more than 1 for a liter... a liter of Isopropyl Alcohol is about $2 in the States).

I keep a spray bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol handy at all times for the thermometer, stir spoon, etc. I don't rinse, but I do allow excess to drip off before using the sprayed item.

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Idophor stains are not a problem. Potassium (or Sodium) metasulphite are reducing agents. They break down oxidizers like Oxygen or Iodine. That's why they're used as preservatives in wine. The point it, a metasulphite solution reacts with the idophor solution. No more brown stain. Just spray or wipe some metasulphite solution on your idophor stains and they disappear. Everyone should know about this. It's simple first year chemistry. I used to do it as a demo in labs.

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Originally Posted by Hillbilly_Bill View Post
I keep a spray bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol handy at all times for the thermometer, stir spoon, etc. I don't rinse, but I do allow excess to drip off before using the sprayed item.
Technically, 70% is better at killing microbes than 91%. Some bacteria, when exposed to a harsh environment, can sense it and close off their cell membrane before allowing the toxin in and getting killed. 70% has enough water in it to sort of "trick" them into keeping things open long enough. This is why hospitals, labs, etc. typically use 70% (either isopropyl or EtOH).

That being said, I'm sure 91% isopropyl alcohol sanitizes plenty for homebrewing.

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Is Starsan the only non-rinse cleanser?

I have the sanitizer that came with my beer kit, about due to buy some more and was looking at something 'safer' like a non-rinse. Just wondered if the Starsan was the only one or if there were more.
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