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Georgian Novice
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Dec 2005
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You know, I posted this in the home brewing forum and I forgot we have a cider forum here as well. I will post this here and see if there are others that read this and not the other forums. For those of you who have read this, ignore me and just shake your head sadly at my double posts for attention.
Hi, friends;

I am thinking of making Dead Squirrel's Strawberry Cider recipe. I don't have champagne yeast, unfortunately. I know other yeast will make it more sweet, etc. Thought I would type the recipe and get your thoughts on which yeast, if any, I should pitch if I do this this weekend:

3 lbs frozen strawberries
2 lbs dark brown sugar
2 lbs clover honey
5 gal cider

Here are my yeast choices:
Red Star Active Dry Wine Yeast - 5 grams
Lalvin EC-1118 Wine Yeast - 5 grams
Morgan's Lager yeast - 6 grams
Nottingham Brewing Yeast - 11g
Fermentis Dry Ale Yeast Saflager-23, 11.5 g
Cooper's Ale - 7g

hehe, there ya go. opinions?

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Old 12-18-2005, 01:25 AM   #2
Jun 2005
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Of the choices you've listed, I'd use the Red Star.
Red Star does make a couple different yeasts though, not sure which one your talking about. Not saying the others you've listed are bad choices, but I've made some real good stuff using the Red Star. All depends on if you want any sweetness left in your finished product. If sweetness if what your looking for then use something like the ale yeasts.

In my own experiences, I've never had much luck using honey or dark brown sugar. If it were me I'd just use 4 pounds of light brown sugar. That's also all in what you like and what works for you, everyone likes something different. I'm alway changing things around in my recipe looking for different flavor in the end product.

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