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Originally Posted by Chad View Post
I like this. Kind of like pre-New Year's resolutions. Mine include . . .
  • Dial in my mash procedures to hit a consistent efficiency
  • Work out a system to control fermentation temperatures better
  • Do a split batch big beer/small beer in the old parti-gygle style
  • Try my hand at ciders, perrys and maybe a braggot/mead
  • Participate in beer swaps
  • Enter a couple of competitions to get more systematic feedback
  • Develop a "house beer" that I brew every couple of batches and really nail down
  • Brew a lager or two (preferably Mexican cerveza style amber)
  • Brew seasonally

That should keep me busy for a while.
Hmmm, at the halfway point I have:
  • Not quite dialed in on my mash and boil processes. My efficiency still fluctuates pretty wildly. Then again, I've changed equipment a couple of times so I still don't have a stable platform to dial in. I think I'm pretty settled at this point, though.
  • I do have a spare fridge that I've been using for more precise fermentation control.
  • I did, in fact, do a parti-gyle, split batch resulting in about 7gal of British Mild (very nice and long gone) and about 4gal of Old Ale/English Barleywine. Having brewed it in late December of 2007, I figure it'll be ready about Christmas of '08. I've tried one near the halfway point and it is still hot, alcoholy and raisiny. But it's getting better.
  • I've done two ciders so far. One was killed, mixed with commercial cider/apple juice for sweetness, and used for Christmas mulled cider. The other is about 7 weeks old at this point and should end up a little less dry than the previous version.
  • I have failed miserably to be more active in beer swaps.
  • I have also failed to enter any competitions.
  • I still do not have a "house beer" though I have a couple of candidates.
  • I have indeed brewed two lagers, one a Dos Equis/Negra Modelo clone that ended up a little less hoppy than I might have liked, but still a damn fine beer. The second is a cross between a British Bitter and an American Standard Lager. It's a SMaSH brew -- Marris Otter malt and British Challenger hops fermented with lager yeast. Should be an interesting lawnmower beer.
  • No progress on brewing seasonally. We'll have to see how it goes.


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This will be a ramping up year for me. I recently went all grain and have one AG batch under my belt. I have a mill that I built with the help of my machinist brother-in-law, a cooler MLT, a propane burner and a hella big brewpot. I have a keg fridge and two corny kegs, but I'm looking to get a couple more kegs so I can have a batch or two conditioning and ready to go into the fridge. I'm currently running picnic taps in my fridge so I'm also looking to get some faucets drilled into the front of the fridge also. I'm getting a slow start this year due to some other projects I have going on, but I'll be getting back into the swing of things shortly and brewing up some good stuff.

On deck is a Kolsch, a Chimay Blue clone, probably an Irish Red, Porter, Bock or OctoberFAST and probably and IPA.

I'm also hoping to get a space organized in my basement to store my equipment and my grain supply.

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1. Play with my Brew-magic system. If it ever gets here.
2.Finish/ Continue improving the brewhouse.
3. Get my Final Gravities lower.
4. Brew a lot and drink a lot.
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Well, so far so good...here is where I am

Originally Posted by jzal8 View Post
Well I have only been brewing for 6 months so my goals are simple:
1. Become a better brewer.
2. Let my fermenters sit for at least a month before touching.
3. Let my bottled brew sit for at least three weeks before touching.
4. Brew twice a month.
5. Brew new styles, especially ones I have never cared for in the past.
6. Create a recipe of my own, and brew it again and again until I get it right.
7. Enter in one competition.
1. There is no doubt I've improved. Night and day since november.
2. Part of becoming a better brewer, I learned #2 is a poor goal. A majority of my beer sits 2 weeks in the primary. Thats all it needs.
3. I have stayed true to this so far, minus my Hefe.
4. So far I have brewed at least twice a month since november.
5. 10 new styles brewed since november.
6. Still working on this, perhaps my Troegs Pale Ale clone will be the one.
7. 2nd Place in the NHC First Round.
Bottomline, I need to make more beer.
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Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
Get the Brew Hut built
Start using my Blichmann Conical
Brew a Barleywine
Lose some weight
Win some homebrew competitions.

Working on the brewhaus.
No conical use yet.
No Barleywine yet
lost some weight, found some of it too.
No competition ribbons yet, but we still have 6 months to go.

I intend to complete all of these items before the end of the year.
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I am determined this year to (mostly) only drink homebrew, only buying small packs for sampling purposes or things like camping. Other than that I am committed to making 95% of what we consume.
Event Horizon ~ A tribute to the miracle of fermentation.

Brew what you like. Do this, and you will find your inner brewer.
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Originally Posted by PseudoChef View Post
  • Begin brewing outside and at club events.
  • Understand and possibly utilize step and decoction mashing (when necessary).
  • Spread the spectrum and develop an arsenal of both increasingly complex and increasinly simple beers.
  • Brew a few "year-agers" (Barleywine, Belgian Strong Dark).
  • Experiment with blending and aging (yeasts, batches & oak, etc.).
  • Become more involved in my homebrew club.
  • Convert a few extract brewers to AG without EAC-toned preaching.
  • I did my 888 at a brew day over at jdoiv's, and just two weeks ago our club brewed up 60+ gallons of dark strong to be aged in a used Jack Daniel's barrel.
  • Understand? partially. I did it anyway with my Belgian Dubbel, but I do need to do it again.
  • Not complete, haven't been crazy-happy with the beers I've put out so far. my IIPA was really good, but definitely needs some tweaks.
  • I've brewed the 888, and two different Dark Strongs. A Birthday Barleywine is planned for July.
  • I've oaked 2 beers and will oak the sour I have going to capture the bugs. No blending yet.
  • I have been to every meeting since I joined.
  • I converted my friend after I got him started doing extract.
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Originally Posted by Beerthoven View Post
In 2008...

I plan on brewing somewhere between 12 and 24 batches, 5 gallon all grain.

I want at least half those batches to be repeats of brews I've done before. I'm trying to nail down two or three house ales - an IPA, a bitter of somekind, and either a porter or dry stout.

I doubt I will get into kegging this year. I will buy a pond pump for faster cooling, an O2 system for aeration, and a food-saver. This will be the extent of my brewery upgrades for the year.

I want to brew my first belgian beer and my first all grain wheat beer.

I want to brew a good pumpkin ale for Thanksgiving and good holiday ale for Christmas/New Years.

My first brew of 2008 will be the 08-08-08 Russian Imperial Stout.

I plan on hanging out with fellow homebrewers more, and continuing to read as much as I can about beer and brewing.

I'd like to get my AG brew time down to about 4 hours so I can do it on weeknights.
Sheesh...lets see.

On track for 18 beers this year.
Haven't done any repeat brews yet, but I do plan to.
Got the O2, got the pond pump, and will ask for a food-saver for X-mas.
No Belgian yet, but I did brew a Wheat and I'm going to brew it again.
Brewed the Winter Warmer but decided that pumpkin beers are gross.
Did not brew the 888 RIS...oh well
So far have read "Mild Ale" by David Sutula, "Pale Ale" by Terry Foster, "Brewing Classic Styles" by you-know-who, and am working on "The Complete Mead Maker." Been hanging out with some brewing buddies from time to time.
My AG brew time is about 5 hours...and that's good enough for me.

Primary/Secondary: #126 American Pale
Kegged: #124 Lagunitas IPA clone, #125 Northern English Brown
Planned: ESB
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Originally Posted by Chimone View Post
I will hit 100 AG batches and keep on truckin
Almost there. Ill make good on this goal around October I think
Desert Sky Brewing Co.
Sierra Vista, AZ
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I've collected 3 old sanke-style half barrels that I plan to convert to keggles and an HLT for my move to AG.

Before I start on that project though, I'll be converting our old kitchen fridge into a 4- or 5-tap kegerator; a daunting task considering I haven't started kegging yet!

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