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  • Begin brewing outside and at club events.
  • Understand and possibly utilize step and decoction mashing (when necessary).
  • Spread the spectrum and develop an arsenal of both increasingly complex and increasinly simple beers.
  • Brew a few "year-agers" (Barleywine, Belgian Strong Dark).
  • Experiment with blending and aging (yeasts, batches & oak, etc.).
  • Become more involved in my homebrew club.
  • Convert a few extract brewers to AG without EAC-toned preaching.

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Kevin Dean
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1.) Brew a ton of kits

I used to think I knew what I liked. My first batch was an Irish Red Ale because I liked Killian's... It's a lager and MY Irish Red was a huge disappointment. In the process of downing that batch I tossed in commercial brews and now have new favourites bordering on "balanced" but a few other things that aren't "balanced". So, I need to brew a spectrum to find what I like and don't, since it's changed since I began brewing.

2.) Expand Qbrew.

I'm a Free Software zealot, I refuse to install anything on my computer, or recommend to others to do the same, that I can't share with other people legally. I also demand to know what it's doing which requires the source code. That said, despite the recommendations to install BeerSmith, it's isn't going to happen. So I'm going to expand my C++ programming skill and contribute back to the homebrewing community by adding needed features to Qbrew which can be shared Freely.

3.) Do "Week-o-brew".

I spend 10 hours messing with computer things every day. When involved with Free Software (like homebrewing) other programs (beer) begin pissing you off. You KNOW you can do the same thing, but better! Unfortunately, my job forces me to continue using tools I consider sub-par and it pisses me off. The frustrations build up until I'm ready to explode. Luckily, finding homebrewing helped me manage that stress. So, I am beginning to plan out a week-long homebrew vacation where I can just brew, brew, brew. It's looking as if it will be in late Jan. or early Feb but we'll see.

4.) Make a signature brew

Edwort has this Haus Pale Ale and apfelwein. Cheesefood has the CCA, orfy has the Hobgoblin. Through experimenting and doing my spectrum of beers, I'm going to develop a brew that is original enough to be called "mine" and good enough to want to drink and brew it.

The "Hop Shortage of 2007-2008" means brewers will have to get inventive, especially with the use of hops. Perhaps my brew will use some lesser known hop varieties... We'll see.

Free State Project liaison to the homebrew hobby!

"What's your name? Well my mom calls me Son, and my cat calls me Meow, either will do." -- Sam Dodson of the Obscured Truth Network
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1. Run electricity in my rig and mount pumps.
2. Create splash-protective housing for pumps.
3. Bottle at least 6 beers from each batch for swaps/competition/gifts
4. Get a Barleycrusher
5. Start buying/storing grains in bulk.
6. Move out of SoCal and to North Chicago...hopefully meet some brew-friendly folks!
7. Try a lager for once.
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We're now on track to go All Grain before Thanksgiving, so that milestone will hopefully be checked off before the new year begins.

In that case our group to do list includes:

1) Dial in the new AG system
2) Get some corny kegs
3) Get a fermentation cooler built before summer

Since we brew at my friend's house and I just bought a house with a nice but unfinished basement, my personal goal is to get the basement finished out to where I can start brewing at my house.

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I like this. Kind of like pre-New Year's resolutions. Mine include . . .
  • Dial in my mash procedures to hit a consistent efficiency
  • Work out a system to control fermentation temperatures better
  • Do a split batch big beer/small beer in the old parti-gygle style
  • Try my hand at ciders, perrys and maybe a braggot/mead
  • Participate in beer swaps
  • Enter a couple of competitions to get more systematic feedback
  • Develop a "house beer" that I brew every couple of batches and really nail down
  • Brew a lager or two (preferably Mexican cerveza style amber)
  • Brew seasonally

That should keep me busy for a while.
Chad Ward
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for me...

1) start leaving it in primary, secondary and bottles longer.
2) try my hand at adding wood chips to some IPA's and/or pale ales.
3) buy a house by years end, 09 might be the big swtich to AG, i want to so bad
4) i'm a hop head, most of my family/friends aren't, so either convert them or learn to brew with different grains...
5) knock down a great "house, ummm apartment ale" that i'll try to brew every few months, maybe trying different finishing hops with each batch.
6) just keep expanding my horzion of beers from different microbrews.
7) if i dont buy a house, then take a trip to europe with the gf and maybe have a beer or two
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I'm going to build a sexy single tier sculpture.
I'm going to go AG.
I'm going to keg.
I'm going to swap beers.
I'm going to lager.
I'm going to try and grow some hops.
Teach a friend to brew.
Get some Edmund Fitzgerald

We'll see if I can do all of that in one year.

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Maniacally Malty
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build kegerator
purchase chest freezer for lagering
get a better mashing setup
get my friend to go AG
plant more hops
send more beer to family
Easy Partial Mash Brewing - Stovetop All-Grain Brewing

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We will remember...
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1. Going to go AG.
2. Going to make some more Black Cat Dark Mild.
3. Going to improve on the brew house.
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Beer-wise 2007 was big...Lagers,Kegging,keezer,12gal.batch,sculpture. For 08' we hope to;fine tune beer machine(single tier sculpture),barter growlers,pool table in garage bar,more stools too,also more and bigger TV(s)with surround type sound...Real taps,instead of pic-nics.



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