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Mar 2012
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Yes I know I can get drunk before I get on the plane but this is not what I am looking for.

On my next trip back to Germany I would like to take some good homebrew back to my parents. I wonder what the best way would be to do it.
I already brought beer bottles from Germany with no problems. Wrapped in diapers to cushion and soak it up in case one breaks.

- Regular bottles? I need to get a capper.
- Flip top bottles? Not sure they stay shut. Maybe taping down the flip top should help.
- Used aluminum bottles? I think Bud has them.

I normally keg at home. Should I just poor the beer in the bottle or add some additional priming sugar?
Trying to find out what the safest way would be and how the beer can be kept well carbonized on this 12 -13h trip.

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Nov 2011
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Bottle from the keg. If you can blow a quick shot of CO2 in to the bottle first that's good. As long as you have it carbed well enough in the keg then it will bottle just fine for your trip. I've done this several times with good results.

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I've taken commercial beers home from Germany and England many times with no problem. Homebrew shouldnt be any different. Just pack them well in your checked luggage well surround by soft clothes. Never had a problem.

As for bottling get a Beer Gun or find the thread on HBT something like "don't need a stinking beer gun." Either way the key is beer and bottles as cold as you can get them, and just enough pressure to move the beer. Also, vent the keg to make sure it is not over carbonated. It will take some tries until you get the feel for it.

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Jul 2011
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I would use regular capping bottles to ensure they stay sealed. I would pack them in zip lock bags (Double Bag) well cushioned in your checked luggage.

You can use a beer gun or check this out:
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I bottle my beer so I can't help about that question.

I have sent many bottles of home-brew beer in luggage with family and mailed many bottles of home-brew beer.

I usually wrap the bottle with thin bubble wrap and then double bag the bottles in gallon ziplock bags in case of leakage.

In luggage, if I just have a couple bottles I just wrap them in clothes in the middle of the suitcase. For more bottles I may wrap a few together with more bubble wrap and then use a large 2 gallon ziplock bag to hold them all (Effectively triple bagging them)

I have probably sent/luggaged about 24 bottles of Home-brew with only one slightly leaking and that was mailing. The cap never came off it just leaked a little out and lost carbonation.

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