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Originally Posted by Nightshade
Yes I realize that, but it was taken way overboard and remained in place for far too long. I am of course saying in hindsight that it was a BS law that only served to hurt what could have been an otherwise great producer of beer and beer styles. Some may appreciate the traditional styles created under this law, I myself am not a fan of German beers in general.
I absolutely agree. But at the time, in a pre-industrial society, bread was more important than beer. After all, beer can be made from this barley stuff that makes *%!tty bread. As far as its longevity, and given the many German beers that are advertised as "conforming to the Reinheitsgebot" (Oh, you limited yourself to one grain and jumped through a bunch of needless hoops to brew it?) I think it's a case of tradition overriding taste and variety.

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I look at it with a pragmatic eye. The best beers I've made have things such as choclate, fruit zest and bourbon in them. Why would I not make them due to some archaic nonsence?

Not the first dumb thing that's come out of Deutschland fo sho

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Not to be rude, but its absolutely a double standard on your part. I mean, hypothetically speaking, if you moved up from home brewing to pro brewing would you no longer use the oats, wheat, coffee, chocolate, teas, ect? I would think you would not so why hold it against those that do?

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Are we all of a sudden in Germany?

If not, if you want to make a bourbon vanilla chocolate covered cherry ale...go for it.

If we are, better get working on the bratwurst beer.
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Originally Posted by WesleyS
The biggest argument against using UPS is the fact that a UPS employee sent me a package using FedEx.

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If you want to see what other ingredients have to offer, why wouldn't you want to see what others are producing with those? You're just suppressing yourself in my opinion.

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Originally Posted by erichsmith View Post
My wife...brought up the fact that most of the beers I brew don't follow the reinheitsgebot
I'm still reeling from trying to process this part
So many recipes...

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Reinheitsgebot is a 526 year old law...from Germany. The intent of the law is totally lost on modern society. Forget it, there is no relevance to anyone today. In it's day, it forced a cleaner beer that was reliably untainted, that's all.

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Originally Posted by erichsmith View Post
but I talk bad about breweries that don't and usually won't drink their beer.
I'm sorry... you criticize breweries for not following Reinheitsgebot and won't drink their beers?

Complete double standard. Why do I feel like I'm getting trolled?

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Originally Posted by retheisen View Post
yarrow and marsh rosemary that induced psychedelic effects in the consumer
My problem is that I have yet to switch to hops.

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You're missing out on a lot of great beer, and severely limiting the breweries you would buy from. The Reinheitsgebot is an antiquated German law. We're not in Germany. I'd love to hear how you came up with this idiotic standard.

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