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I've been considering testing out that recipe, myself....but I also doubt that timeline. My thought was to just pull a couple of bottles by their schedule (just to see) while leaving the rest in the carboy. More time on tertiary lees certainly won't do it any harm.

You mentioned a mead as an alternative based on time available. While a mead canbe faster to finish than a proper fruit lambic, you're looking at 2-5 years versus 3-10 years. A young mead is going to be harsh, hot, possibly astringent, syrupy, cloyingly sweet, and without much of the delicate flavours and aromas that make a good mead so special. A general rule of thumb for meads is at least a year in secondary. (Of course, commercial equipment speeds it up considerably.)

Some suggestions for lady-pleasers:
Berliner Weisse (esoecially with the sweet syrups)
Strawberry Blonde (Irish Blonde base, add strawberry extract at bottling)
Witbier (for the ladies, less spice and more citrus)
Heffeweizen (for an instant hit, try cloning Banana Bread)
Belgian Singel/Patersbier/table beer (100% Belgian Pilsner malt, very light hops, pick an intetesting yeast)
Chocolate Milk Stout (lactosr and high-quality chocolate, maybe some cherries/blueberries/chiles?)
Pecan Nut Brown (pick a low-attenuating yeast to leave it sweet, add some pecan-smoked malt to disguise the beery malt flavour/aroma)
American Wheat Ale (on fruit in secondary - blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, etc)
These are all beer styles where the essential "beeriness" is minimzed while other ingredients take front stage, and all can be designed to finish quite sweet, through yeast selection, temperature control, and possibly filtration or pasteurization.
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Originally Posted by DarkBrood View Post
Some suggestions for lady-pleasers:
Suggesting that all women like certain kinds of beer and beer with silly crap in it at that is ignorant. I try not to say stuff like this on HBT, but come on dude. It's not the 1950s or middle school. Some women like imperial stouts, some women like ipas, some women like lambic, etc, etc, etc. There is no place for making generalizations based on gender here.
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I have a wife who's an IPA fan and her friend from work loves stout. The don't drink typical "ladypleasers" very often.
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Originally Posted by cervid View Post
Awesome. Thanks for the advice and responses. I don't mind doing things technical or time consuming, I just don't think it's worth the time and effort to half ass or cheat it.

I thought about using something post bottle opening to sweeten it, but I still wouldn't want to waste the money by opening it or bottling it early. I'd be better off buying a couple of bottles of the Lindeman's she likes at that point.

The Berliner might be cool. The whole point is to make her something cool myself and put a special bottle label on it. It's certainly more charming than buying a bottle of booze. She doesn't drink much but she thinks, well at least this hobby, is cool.
Why dont you make the clone, but give it a proper timeline? Just bump it a year and it'll be ready at 17 months instead of 5, and it will be all the more worth the effort (hopefully!)
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Anyone try this yet? I'm looking at trying the same recipe.

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Any updates????

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