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I've found wrapping it up in 7 oz. portions is about perfect. When thawed out, 7 oz is perfect for mixing up into two servings of stir fry, or a skillet fry, or whatever. Or it makes one very, very generous sandwich.

Oh, and I never wrap it up with sauce because I like to use the leftovers for things other than sandwiches.
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We've always got left over smoked meat at our house and I freeze for future use as well. One of my favorite ways to use up my freezer full of meat is putting it in the chili pot. On the list for the weekend!

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Originally Posted by bwarbiany View Post
BTW, if I bag and vacuum-seal it, do you recommend adding sauce at the time I do this? I've read it can help avoid freezer burn... Or will the vacuum-seal retain enough moisture to avoid this on its own?
1. You cannot get freezer burn if it's in the vacuum bag. Freezer burn is actually dehydration.

2. I don't add sauce. The vacuum sealer will suck the sauce out as it vacuums the bag closed and make a mess. You you prefer, you can add a little without an issue, but too much and it can be a mess. If you do want to vacuum something saucy, put it in the bag, then without sealing put the bags in the freezer. Once frozen, you can vacuum them without an issue. I also make large batches of pasta with sauce and seal extra in portion-sized bags this way.
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It can't hurt for sure, and the main reason I would do it is to have a ready made meal item when you are done warming it back up. But he's right, I've never had a problem on a properly sealed package either. The trick is not to just willy nilly throw hard foods in the bag. You need to stack it so that you don't make a bunch of holes and deep valleys that are hard to get all of the air out of. One thing to watch for on sauces is that the thin ones will get sucked out by the vacuum pump pretty easily. To prevent this a little you can have a helper ready to close the lid while you hold the bag under the level of the machine. In other words set the machine on the edge of the counter and put the bag up against the counter under the machine so gravity is helping you keep your sauce. Mine has an Instant Seal button on it that can be used whenever all the air is gone and all you are doing is removing sauce.

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