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Jul 2010
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Each year I brew 2 kegs worth for a friends Halloween Party. Looking for suggestions on some interesting, but drinkable recipes. Keep in mind it is probably 50% beer geeks, and 50% BMC'ers.

Tentatively I am thinking Scottish 70 shilling, and 100% Brett Trois IPA
Fall Line Brewing Company

Keg 1 - German Pils
Keg 2 - Falconer's Flight IPA
Keg 3 - Chocolate Porter

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I'd be careful with anything too hoppy - I know that I've been real excited about a new homebrew, only to have the faces of my friends turn because their just not IPA/APA lovers. If you surround your self with Hop-Heads, then no worries. I'm not sure if there's enough time to do an Oktoberfest, but that'd be my 1st choice. As far as something special, a Saison might be nice - something nice and spicy...maybe adding fresh ginger or peppercorns to the secondary.

I've always wanted to brew a Saison, so maybe I can brew vicariously through you

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gratus fermentatio
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If you can manage the temp ctl, how about a kolsch? Tasty & unique for the BMC crowd, a lovely change of pace for the beer geeks.
Regards, GF.

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I agree with mrphillips that an IPA may not get you the reaction you'd hope for. When I decided on my first two brews I went with two that I know people around me love. Amber and Hefe. I realize that sounds almost incredibly boring but I too like both of those. There are a couple people around me who are into the more hoppy beers, but for purposes of being able to share in my new found hobby, I wanted to do something that would allow me to share with more people I know.

You don't have to be that boring. I like the Saison idea a lot. I don't quite follow why there isn't enough time for an Oktoberfest but then again, I'm new and haven't brewed one. I did a pumpkin last week and it should be ready by halloween. Maybe that's completely different.

Saison being a great choice and perhaps a White IPA. I know people generally find White IPA to be a nice summertime brew, at least that's what I've always thought, but this way you still get some of the IPA characteristics but something a bit more mellow that your BMC drinkers can enjoy.

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I'm stepping up a starter for a Dusseldorf Altbier for Halloween right now.

It might be something you could look at?

If you can manage the temp ctl, how about a kolsch? Tasty & unique for the BMC crowd, a lovely change of pace for the beer geeks.
Regards, GF.
Agree. A Kolsch is a good choice, too.
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My Keezer build:

Originally Posted by TyTanium View Post
Do what you like, brew what you like. Don't be a tool.

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Mar 2011
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Halloween Beer you say?

I have no idea how this will turn out but its what I am planning to brew in a week or two for myself and a few friends (mostly hopheads).

Belgian Tripel base, hopped like an IPA, and beet juice added along with dryhopping.

Rough recipe outline is something like this:

12 lbs pilsner malt
2 lbs torrified wheat (makes me think of "terrified" wheat)
1 lb of flaked oats, debating on toasting them first
1 lb sucrose to help dry it out a little
1/2 lb Crystal 80 for color
1/4 lb of Roasted Barley for color

1 oz Chinook at 75 min
1 oz Columbus at 5 min
2 oz Galena at 5 min
Dry hop with 1 oz of columbus and beet juice.

Pitch WYeast Belgian Abbey II, let fermentation rise to ~75F

I have heard that beets can add a distinct vegetal flavor that I am trying to avoid by adding it after the boil (maybe extract color with some cheapo vodka and add that for sanitation purposes).

Either way, if you want to make an "interesting" beer, you are going to want to do something beyond a simple Amber Ale or basic Hefe.

If you are scared of adding hops, maybe something with chocolate or pumpkin pie spices? You did say you were making two kegs worth, perhaps make one accessible brew and one interesting one.

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I Sell Koalas
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A Mild is an unusual beer for BMC drinkers, but I don't think it would "offend" them.
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Why does Happy Hour limit happiness to 1/24 of the day?

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Could always brew a pumkin ale?

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Oct 2011
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Blood Orange Hefe or Wit? I'd personally include a pumpkin ale either way and have fun with the label!

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