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Mar 2007
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I just figured the approximate price on the 10 gallons of EW's Haus ale.

2 row domestic at .50 per lb
specialty gains at 1.00 per lb
hops were free because I picked them
I use tap water
yeast was around 1.00 (I wash and use starters)
fuel was around 6-8 dollars

I'm at around 25 cents per 12 oz.

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Apr 2005
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Originally Posted by ryan_boc
Dude, what's your secret? I brew extract and it costs me $30+ (shipping is the real killer) to brew 45 bottles of beer. That's 66.67 cents per bottle. Does going all grain really drop your cost to brew by that much?

Howdy, about the price of my homebrew...
.40 is a figure I came up with years ago.
But I buy a 55 Lb sack of D.M.E. { = 7 - 5 gallon batches}
Once a month during the brewing season.
I never figured shipping-{gas to go get the stuff} in the .40 price.
It costs about $210. each trip and the resulting 7 batches,
7 batches x 5 gallons = 35 gallons.
5 gallons = 46 - 12 oz bottles
46 x 7 = 322 - 12 oz bottles of 'Mien Acht Pfund Hammerbier'
$210.00 for 322 - 12 oz ales...

Hmmmm... you are right!
I am spending .65 cents on my damn brew man!
and that does not count store bought water!
of course it is 6 3/4% alcohol...
Once one had all the gear, whole grain
would be cheaper if a lot more trouble...
and at .65 and more alcohol,
it is about half
of what a good store bought beer costs...
Hmmmm, I feel stunned and confused,
like a duck what's been hit on the head...
I thought my homebrews were .40
and they ain't.

J. Knife

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Originally Posted by Evan!
$10.26 for the AG grain bill
$25.40 for the extract + grains grain bill...

Or, almost 2.5x more for extract.

Plus, more hops (maybe 50% more) to get the same IBUs in a partial boil extract batch as you'd get from the equivalent AG batch.
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