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Originally Posted by vetusstimulus View Post
5 litres volume....
So a UK/EU size....

Yes, that should work i.e. either 2 DJ's or just a 2 gallon brewing bucket should work fine. So I'd split it if it was mine......

Oh and its gonna need more nutrition than that.....

Another hand full of raisins and maybe a sachet or teaspoon of bread yeast either boiled or microwaved to kill it, per container.....
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Originally Posted by fatbloke View Post
You don't note a location so equally US or Imperial gallons ?

Imp are about 20% larger and I routinely use 3 to 3.5 lb made up to a gallon.....
Originally Posted by vetusstimulus View Post
5 litres volume....
>smack< Since I've been around the US v Imperial discussion before and possible with Fatbloke even, it would make sense to discuss this all in L, not Gallons. Anyhow. 5L should be 1 Gall Imp. I know a US gallon is about 3.7L.

Anyhow my comment about 2-3 lb honey applies to US gallons. It might be better to discuss starting gravities.

Typically 2lb honey in 1 US gall would have an SG around 1.070 and 3lb around 1.105 So that is the gravity you'd want to start with.

I'd again say you need to double your volume, but since your start volume was larger (5L, not 3.7L) your gravity isn't quite as bad, still I have a estimated calculated OG of 1.155 (6lb at 35 points in 5L of must). I think you want to get that down. To have a sweet mead, add more water to get to about 50% more of what you have, or double your liquid for a dry mead.

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I have removed approx 1 ltr must from the DJ andtopped up with water.... Grav is still quite high but the yeast is a high alch yeast... Hoping this makes a difference.... I will be adding some more raising tomorrow,,, there is approx 25 in there now and u plan to add another 10.... Oh and I added a tiny bit of yeast also..

What u all think?

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