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Apr 2005
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Well Howdy Ya'll,

This mornings discourse will be on the subject of 'quantity.'
Quantity of ale or beer brewed with:
Basically a cheap set up.

My 'set up' consists of six glass carboys,
7.5 gallon primarys and 5 gallon secondarys.
Three primarys and three secondarys.
I can brew 15 gallons per week.
A week in the primary and a week in the secondary.
Then to bottles where 2-3 weeks renders them palatable,
but 2-3 months renders them classics.
This = from three primarys and three secondays.
15 gallons in 7 days.
Or 60 gallons a month.
{Total capacity}

Don't have an old fridge yet so ale is what I am brewing.
Fermintis Safale 56 is what yeast I use and am so excited with it,
I am really getting into homebrewing again after 13-14 years brewing.

Today, having brewed the 15 gallons within a day of each other,
I am reracking all three primarys,
{ 15 gallons, }
[using the same idophor,]
into three secondarys.
I am realizing that to satisfy demand:
would take a gallon a day.
Hmmmm??? ......
{...Carry the '2'...}

uh....Six batches!

It is true then,
that if I drink a gallon a day,
it follows that if I keep three primarys full...
even half the time...

1. Then 99% of lifes problems could be solved.
2. I could rule the world.
3. The initial problem of having ale, good ale, always,
with a minimal amount of expenditure will be a thing of the past.
4. Of having control over ones life and not being a slave to store bought
beer which is 90% profit and tax.
5. Of being a free man and having ones own ale.
6. Good ale and cheap ale!!!
7. It feels like stepping off a boat onto a new continent.
8. I could actually have a surplus of ale,
if I had enough money to buy all the stuff.
9. God Bless Jimmy Carter.
10. Boys, Keep your carboys full.

Over and out

J. Knife


Reason: I recon I can't add.

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Baron von BeeGee
Beer Bully
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Jul 2005
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Originally Posted by JacktheKnife
Or 30 gallons a month.
Which is just about what the demand is.
A gallon a day.
8. God Bless Jimmy Carter.
I'm starting to get the picture!

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Jan 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
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Been wond'rin where you've been! Haven't seen you 'round lately. Glad to see you are still the same ole Jack.


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Sep 2005
Venice Beach, California
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Wow, do you really drink a gallon per day?
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Nov 2005
Phoenix, AZ
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i am still trying to follow the fist post...... Damn Stone IPA
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Sep 2005
Melbourne, Australia
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A gallon a day? Huff!

When I was a boy we had to drink three gallons before breakfast, or we didn't get our gruel...
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Aug 2005
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Originally Posted by rhinostylee
Wow, do you really drink a gallon per day?

That's only 6.7 imperial pints per day. I don't think that's excessive at all.

As a matter of fact, before I had to grow up and become responsible and all, that was just about my daily consumption. It's the RAF boys that were packing down 10 imperial pints per day that I had some trouble keeping up with.

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Jun 2005
Bloomington, Indiana
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Originally Posted by ScottT
That's only 6.7 imperial pints per day. I don't think that's excessive at all.
I dunno man, not to come off as a square or anything, & I'm gonna be the last person to tell anybody how much they should drink but...

6.7 imperial pints a day - let alone 10 lol - would have me buzzed 24/7, I don't think ANY of my schoolwork would get done. Then again, I only weigh like 150 lbs..

..but I have no problem handling a gallon + on a few nights outta the week

and props to the setup Jack, looks like you've got it all figured out!
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up next:


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Darth Konvel
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Sep 2005
Columbus, Ohio
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Howdy, Jack. Good to see you're still around.

Good job keeping up with you customer's level of demand, it's all we can do sometimes
Up Next: ???

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andre the giant
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May 2005
Southeast Missouri, USA
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A gallon a day... Do you eat anything all day? If I drank that quantity every day, I'd weigh 450lbs. Think of it, 6.7 X lets say 215 calories per pint = 1440 calories per day, on top of what you'd get from solid food.

My hat's off to you. I never have a problem with getting drunk on my beer, but I do have a problem with getting stuffed. Damn this slow metabolism! I probably drink about 8 pints per week. With friends and my wife's intake factored in, I probably lose 12-18 bottles per week. But I maintain a pretty good stockpile, (8+ cases) and always have a carboy going.

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