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Aug 2013
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So 3 weeks ago I finally broke out the Mr Beer kit that my Mom got me for Christmas (i've since bought a 5 gal kit from midwest).

Anyways the yeast was sitting in the box (in a closet) for over 6 months in the Mr Beer box.

Since joining this fourm and watching youtube, i've learned that you should keep it in the fridge if not brewing right away.

I bottled about 18 last week and was going to open the 1st later.

Will the old yeast packet have a huge effect on the beer? Seemed like it fermented well (i let ferment for 2 weeks) but the temp was an average of 75/77 degrees (a bit high).


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Aug 2013
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It should be fine since it fermented. Old dead yeast just won't start fermenting. I'm not sure about the temp. Depends on which yeast it is.
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Feb 2013
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I hate to admit to this, but my first BrewMaster kit was also a gift. It sat in my garage for about 3years!!! Through Summers and Winters. The DME had hardend in the packets. I decided if my first brew was probably going to be a bust anyhow, I might as well just go through the motions with that kit. In being a newb, and being overwhelmed by all the steps, I was not prepared to cool the wort, so it cooled over the coarse of about 5 hours. I also forgot to top off to 5.... Anyhow, I pitched the packet of dry yeast at about 80degrees. Amazingly, it fermented!!! The beer turned out to have off flavors, but we still drank it. I will never admit to this again.

I have since brewed a MW Nut Brown Ale which turned out great... used Wyeast for that. And I have a Copper Ale in the bucket now (used WL029) and it got so active that I almost rigged it with a blowoff.

My point is... if it's your first brew... Just focus more on learning the process, than worrying on it turning out ok.

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Oftentimes the yeast on the MrB, other prepackaged kits can be a touch dated. Check the expiration date on the dry yeasts that come with them and it will usually tell you how viable they are. I have been told that dry yeast can be stored at room temperature, though they will last longer in a cold environment. If not otherwise bread yeast would not work and store for years in those packets in your cupboard. With dated possibly expired yeast it doesnt hurt to make a starter to see how viable they are, but the packets should be large enough to be overpitching for the 2.5 gal batches anyways. I think the yeast is probably the least of your concerns, you will probably have some off flavors from the ferm temps, and who knows how fresh the extracts were when you got them? It will be beer. Hopefully it is decent.

You will notice that the more in depth fresher kits will taste better. Welcome to our addiction.

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There was a scientist that found a colony of dormant yeast encased in amber that was 45,000,000 years old. Of course, they brewed beer with it, and the yeast cells were still viable and fermented the beer.

I think your 6-month-old vacuum-sealed packed is JUST fine.

Make sure you practice proper oxygenation prior to pitching, and those yeast will be good as new.
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