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Originally Posted by theveganbrewer
I've got a friend asking for me to make him a Coors light or Corona clone and I just can't bring myself to waste that much time on something like that. Will this win him over?
I haven't shared it with anyone who didn't love it. It's kind of close to a BMC type beer but much better.

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Great, I'll brew it up and come back here with the results once they've tasted it.
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This hobby is FANTASTIC!

I was at a club meeting & had a newbie with a $10,000 setup. I'm bargain basement. Everybody is happy!

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Brewed BierMunchers recipe yesterday for my first all grain brew and my first BIAB. The Wort tasted a little off and smelled odd. Was my first though so am excited as hell. Hit O.G. of 1.050 and pitched rehydrated nottingham no activity at 12 hours but nottingham has been slow for me before. I cant wait to try this. Thanks to the OP.

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Just brewed my second 10 gallons of this, love it!

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Jan 2011
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I can't do a 5 gallon batch yet, so I was going to do a 2.5 gallon extract batch. If I was doing 2.5 batch I'd half the ingredients. Steep grains for 30 mins at 160f. Add dme boil and add hops at the times listed. Correct? Also is centennial type hops the same as centennial? All I can find is centennial type. Thanks

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Good LORD! 222 pages. I obviously did not read them all. My dad and uncle are comeing to visit in a month and I am slowly briging them around from the BMC type beers. I'm thinking this will be the prefect beer to brew. However, I have tons of Citra and Sterling hops in the freezer and no Cascade or Centennial. I realize this beer will be completely different by using one or two of these substitutions but does anyone have any experience with this grain bill and Citra or Sterling hops? It would be easy enough to sub the Centennial for Citra and Cascade for Sterling but Sterling is a much cleaner hop that Cascade...I think. And am just not sure if it will cut it. I guess the only way to know is to brew it.
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steinsato - I recommend you also take a look at BM's Sterling Gold recipe, which is linked in his Recipe Drop-Down. It's a fantastic beer, he sent me a bottle once. Mmmmm.

Your best bet might be to combine the Sterling Gold recipe and this recipe, producing a modified version between the two beers.

In short, Sterling is a very "mild" and interesting hop to work with - while Citra is a very hi-power citrusy Pale Ale-type hop - but there's no reason they can't be combined to come up with a pretty delicious combination - it just won't be an exact replication of Cascade + Centennial.

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I just brewed this up and hopped it with just picked Cascade wet hops right off the bines! We will see!

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I just did the same with the fresh hops off the bine and dry hopped with some
Cascade doing no chill. Will post the results. Carbing in keg now.

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