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I thought this was the good stuff.

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I decided to brew the extract version of this and made 5 1-gallon batches using different yeasts. The yeasts I used were Munich, Nottingham, Safale US-05, Safbrew S-33, and S-04. For my tastes I liked the S-33 and S-04, but I am not a fan of using the Munich. At least now I know how different yeasts affect the beer now.

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anyone ever think about adding some fruit to this beer? apricot puree maybe? or frozen strawberries/raspberries?

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I've tried blackberries and cucumbers with this recipe. The former imparted a *very* light hint of blackberry (but I only used a pound or two). The latter got infected because I got lazy with the cukes. So yes, I've added fruit, just not successfully yet .

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Originally Posted by Beernewb View Post
anyone ever think about adding some fruit to this beer? apricot puree maybe? or frozen strawberries/raspberries?
I racked a 5.5 gallon batch onto 6 15oz cans of tart cherries and kegged it 2 weeks later. The secondary fermentation dried out the beer and left if very tart. Not objectionable, but I prefer something sweeter. Still learning to work with fruit so more of the fruit flavor comes through. Next time I'll try cold crashing in the primary first then rack to secondary and continue to keep it cold to keep the yeast dormant. I keg my beer so I don't need the yeast for carbonation.
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The batch that I did last summer I fermented on 3 lbs. of frozen strawberries. They imparted a slight pink hue to the beer, a great strawberry nose, and just a slight hint of strawberry in the finish. Overall I thought it was really good.
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there are so many cool things to do with this beer, i just bottled mine today, or i should say my friend loves to bottle my beer for me,

i made the first one with citra, because that wass all i had on hand, but i just bought the bill for this yesterday and will make it as posted, then play with it down the road. Like to work off a base with this beer.. GOOD STUFF

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Originally Posted by gkal1964

Make sure you mix the priming sugar well into the wort without oxygenating it. When I used to bottle I noticed this same problem when I did not swirl the wort and priming sugar very lightly with the racking cane to combine when in the bottling bucket. This could be your problem.
Will try this next time (and there will be a next time!). Normally I rack the wort on top of the sugar. I assumed that the wort and sugar would mix evenly as the bucket filled. Guess it couldn't hurt to give it an extra stir just in case.

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Jul 2011
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I brewed this a couple weeks ago and measured OG at 1.040 and now it's down to 1.004! That's the lowest I've ever seen one of my beers. It seems to taste fine; I will probably bottle it soon.

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Aug 2011
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Made this today for my first all-grain batch. Dropped a screwdriver by accident into the wort when I was tightening the hose clamps on my wort chiller. Those 2 things combined...I shall call it:

My First Screw Was a Blonde

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