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Nov 2010
Des Moines, IA
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This past Sunday I did my second SMASH brew and noted times as I was currious as to how long it "really" takes. This was a nothing set up, raw grain brew day.

I made an abriveated version of the Crops of Three reciepe where I added some toasted and untoaseted carmel malts.
Grain bill was 8lb of grain, .5lb of rice, & 1lb of corn flake.

I started at 1pm and was very suprised that I didnt pitch untill shortly after 9pm.
So 8 hours from deciding to brew, deciding on grain bill and milling, till pitching yeast. I do also clean along the way and have gotten better about starting sparge water with enought time through the mash etc.

What is your result?

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Jan 2012
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Depends on my recipe and if I boil for 60 or 90 minutes but I fill the pot and grind the grain the night before and get all my hops measured and ready. I get up, light it up and usually it's 4.5 hours with cleanup.
I find doing the grains the night before is easier as I use the time to bring the water to mash temperature to clean and sanitize my buckets and organize things so the rest go smoothly. I figure filling the pot and grinding the grains the night before saves me maybe 20 minutes. Not much but enough. It's never taken me longer than 5.
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May 2012
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From measuring grain to finishing clean up, about 6 hours.

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I'm about 5 hours. My current system takes a bit longer to clean than my old one. I occasionally will batch sparge to save about 45 minutes if I'm in a hurry.
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Mar 2011
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Like Yooper, I usually run close to 5 hours.

Add an extra half hour if I do a detailed cleanup over and above the usual rinse out.

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Aug 2011
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Probably around 5 hours. I buy milled grains. I boil 3.5 gallons on my burner, for the mash. During the rest I boil 7 gallons for the HLT. Its usually at temp right before the rest is done. Sparge is pretty quick. Then I clean during the boil, and sanitize what I need. A wort chiller really saved me a lot of time.

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Feb 2013
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Single batch brew day, 5-6 hours. Double batch day, 8-9 hours.

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Oct 2011
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This is probably the biggest reason I've stuck with extract brewing. Start to complete finish (clean up/logging data)about 2.5 hours. Roughly about 9 holes of golf time wise. While all grain, especially BIAB interests me, I don't want to push past that time frame because I don't want my spouse to start checking the clock to see how long I am taking..... Note: this is also why I brew outside or in the garage. A happy spouse is a quiet spouse who lets you do your thing.

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Jul 2013
HAMMOND, Indiana
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This is where it gets tricky for me. In the past I maximized my brew day.

Night before I would set up stand, HLT and propane on the porch and fill the HLT to capacity (three keggle, three burner, gravity system). Next morning, punch the coffee maker button, pee, light the burner for the HLT. About the second cup of coffee, start grinding grain for batch A. Setup MLT and boiler. Check temp on HLT water.

At this point the day turned into a flurry of activity because I normally did three brews in a day. The ball-scratching-light-the-HLT-burner would be around 5:30 AM. Muck-out and rinse of the boiler for brew 3 would be about 6:30 PM. Expensive equipment would be back in the garage by 7 PM, rinsed but not clean and 30-34 gallons of wort would be in the fermentors, pitched.

For those that like beer, understand their system and have at least 2-3 "standard" recipes...once a quarter do a 3-4 batch day. The advantage is that you do not have to truly clean your equipment between batches because the moment you have mucked out the mash tun, you are doing your dough-in. The moment the boiler has been rinsed of trub/hops, you are filling it with the next boil, etc.

Yes, you have to clean-up the next day. You are often sore the next day (how much does 22# of wet grain weigh?...time three!). You are CERTAINLY hung over the next day because even if you do not drink while you brew (I do...but in serious moderation), you almost have to drink while marveling in the glory of your 30+ gallons of bubbling my case with all the neighbors that enjoyed the spectacle and the good beer.

Now brew a day unless the wife is on vacation. No room for more than 20 gallons in fermentors at a time. A single 5-gal batch takes me about 5.5 hours (10 gal should be slightly over 6...find out next weekend).

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Jul 2013
HAMMOND, Indiana
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Originally Posted by lgilmore View Post
Roughly about 9 holes of golf time wise.
There is your is taking up too much of your brewing time.

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