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Oct 2012
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I'm wondering how bad this could be. I had a blowoff tube attached to my carboy going into a bucket with about 2 gallons of starsan. Somehow my carboy decided to suck up most of the starsan in the bucket. I know my fermentation is done since its been a few weeks.

The wort (or beer at this point) has since separated out into two distinct layers. A lighter one on top and a much larger darker layer on bottom.

Is this going to be a big problem?

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Sep 2012
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Should be fine. prob related to a temp drop. nothing to worry about as it happens alot.
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Aug 2011
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Almost 2 gallons of Starsan is certainly going to have a negative effect on the beer and probably now a dumper.

With any kind of luck the light layer on top is the starsan and you might be able to siphon it off.

I suggest that you put a small plastic cup with maybe an inch (about 1 cup worth) of Starsan in it and put that in a larger container in case it overflows. Also keep it as low or lower than the bottom of your carboy so it is less likely to reverse siphon.

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Old 08-19-2013, 02:12 PM   #4
Feb 2013
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While starsan is food grade its probaby still a dumpuer off flavors with out a doubt

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F-You I'm Drunk
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As with all beers, only time can tell.
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Apr 2012
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Fill a glass about one quarter of the way with starsan then top it off with your favorite brew. Have a drink & see what it tastes like... Sound disgusting? That's about what you have assuming it was a 5 gallon batch.

I'd definitely dump that batch!

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Apr 2013
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I'm at a loss as to where it went. If you have 5.5gal in a 6.5gal carboy, did it fill the carboy all the way up? I have never been a "dump it out" kind of guy, but 17% starsan in that carboy? Might make me want a mulligan.
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Jan 2013
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John Herskovits from Five Star Chemicals was just on the Beersmith podcast. Very much worth the listen. He said that the yeasties will turn Starsan into food. Although, in your case, you're at the tale end of the ferm process.
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Apr 2013
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An airlock full of San would be fine but 2 gallons would ruin your beer. I usually only put about a cup in my blow off bottle.

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Oct 2011
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Two gallons Star San in the blowoff vessel? And most of it sucked into the fermenter? Whoa.

How long is your blowoff tube (from the carboy spout to the level of the Star San)? I can't imagine a temperature shift that would suck so much fluids from the blowoff vessel unless the tube is very short.
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