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Please help us, Homebrew Talk Members!

We are finally at a testing point for our new website, but we need the help of homebrewtalk members to finish! Buyers and lookers will both be rewarded for feedback. If you do want to place an order through the new Kegconnection site, we will give you 10% off your entire order, again, when it's placed through our new site and you provide us with feedback on your order process.

If you are willing to test-drive the site and email us back your experience (no purchase necessary) we will give the first 30 testers a free Kegconnection "STARR" mounted bottle opener, shipped to you for free! Instructions on how to receive your free bottle opener will be given to you with you Private Message containing site URL.

Those who actually do order something on our new site will also receive a free STARR Kegconnection bottle opener with your order in addition to the 10% off!

You must be a member of Homebrew talk to take advantage of this offer.

We do not want to have too many people going to the new site and using it before it is truly ready for launch, so we ask that you request the URL on this thread and we will send it to you via a private message. We will be responding to these requests for the next week as quickly as possible (remember we do have to sleep at some point.)!

Your feedback via this post or private messages are also crucial. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please be nice and patient in your posts. Finding issues is the whole point of the exercise!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here are some of the advantages of the new site that we just weren't able to accomplish on our old platform:

  • Kits are customizable! On most kits and many components like towers, you can switch out and customize basically every possible component in real time as you place the order. Get a custom kit without having to email or call us! Here are some examples of kit customization:
  • Air supply systems: via air distributor, WYE or dual body. Photos change as you pick different options so you can see what you get!
  • Faucets: choose from 7 faucets at the touch of a button!
  • Shanks: choose shank sizes from 10 different shanks , 3" to 12" and Chrome or Stainless!
  • Beer line length: you can choose from 5' to 15' on each line!
  • Tailpieces: chrome or stainless steel
  • Disconnects: choose from ball lock or pin lock on homebrew kits
  • Beer Couplers: choose from 8 different couplers at the touch of a button!
  • CO2 Cylinder: Choose not to order one or the size you want!
  • Faucet wrench: choose not to order one or standard or deluxe!
  • Many of our other components such as towers will also offer these features where applicable!
  • We are still offering a FREE upgrade to 5" Stainless Steel shanks on all kits that have shanks!
  • We are still offering $7.95 flat rate shipping

Truly, I am looking forward to all the feedback (good & critical!). Thank you for your continued support that has led to our growth as a company. It's this support you've shown over the years that has brought me to ask for your help in making the brand new Kegconnection.com the best it can be.


Todd Burns
Kegconnection LLC
[email protected]

This 10% off will be offered during our BETA testing period to Homebrew Talk Members. We will discontinue sending out the discount once the new site is officially launched. We do not have an exact date of launch, but if you receive the code from us we will continue to honor the code for at least two days after the launch of the new site in order to allow everyone that received a code to use it. Thanks again for your help!

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Please send me the url and code. May be a week before I order, but need a couple of kegs and a drip tray and would be glad to try the new site.

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I'd like the URL please. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to user interfaces and websites. I'd be a great beta tester.
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I'd like to test drive the site! I'm building a jockey box, and trying to gather all of the parts piecemeal has been a major PITA!

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I'll check it out!

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I would like the URL. I need to purchase a couple more kegs as well.

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Ill take the URL

PLaced my first set up order with you guys and it couldn't of gone smoother!
Looking to upgrade a couple pieces and this looks like the perfect time

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I'll take the URL.
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I would enjoy giving your site a test-drive. Please send me the URL. I'll grab a tall one and cruise . . . . .

'da Kid

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I will take the new model for a test drive, kick the tires and maybe mess around with it like a rental


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