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Oct 2011
Dallas, Texas
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So I just moved to Texas from michigan not only do I know nothing about the beer scene here. IT'S TO FREAKING HOT TO BREW!!!!!!!!! What are some of the thing ya'll do to beat the heat? Alos what breweries should I be drinking in the DFTW area

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Sep 2012
Shreveport, LA
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Welcome to the South! Yep, it's unbelievably hot. As far as breweries in DFW...

Deep Ellum makes a great IPA and some decent session beers like their Blonde & Rye Pils. They also open up the brewery for 3 hours on Saturdays. Food trucks show up, & you pay $10 for a pint glass & 3 pints. Good deal and a good time. They usually have a band. It's right in downtown Dallas.

Rahr in Fort Worth makes ok beers, nothing that notable.

St. Arnold in Houston also has some good brews.

Craft beer scene in Dallas area is just getting going. I expect we will see more good breweries popping up in the next few years. Hopefully ones like Deep Ellum will also be able to get into making some really good beers once they get their name established with the lighter stuff.

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Jan 2013
Dallas, Tx
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Yup. It's hot! I had to put misters up on my porch for brew days and even then it gets too hot! So ill do an extract inside in the ac.

Some good beers besides Rhar and Deep Ellum are Lakewood, they have a pretty good IPA. Real Ale but that's in Austin, same goes for 512. Velvet Hammer from Peticolas is good. Ask your bartender or if there's a good beer store they can offer some suggestions.

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Sep 2012
, Florida
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Sweat into the wort, it adds salt.

I can only cool to about 90' outdoors and then I have to bring the fermenter inside to an ice bath. Other than that, count your blessings; the mash tun stays hot and the kettle gets up to boil a lot faster. Think of what you will save on propane living in the south!
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Jul 2012
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Deep Ellum IPA is great. All that I have had from peticolas is great. Been to Lakewood brewing, which was good. I live in the Austin area, and my favorite beers come out of Hops and Grain in Austin. They have some stuff in better grocery stores in the DFW area, look for Alteration and The One They Call Zoe and Pale dog. Great stuff. Welcome to Texas!

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Mar 2012
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Yep. All those and Four Corners and Jester King. You'll find Shiner Bock near everywhere. I think it's a law. Their Ruby Red and Prickly Pear are seasonal and fantastic.

The heat gets its worst from about noon till the sun goes down. 2pm on can be brutal. And hey, it's been cool this summer.

Pre chill your wort chiller hose through a washtub of ice water.
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Apr 2013
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Welcome buddy saint Arnold's makes some of my favorites beers. There is also a company called leprechaun that makes some really good cider. And the great thing about Texas in winter it only gets down to like sixty

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Aug 2012
dallas, tx
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If you're in the Dallas area hit up some local brew gardens like Good Friends(White Rock area(amazing burgers too)) or Flying Saucer(everywhere). While not usually featuring a diverse tap selection Stans on Lower Greenville does specials on Texas brews on Tuesdays...I think. If you want to take some stuff home in growlers check out Craft & Growler near Fair Park or any Whole Foods. Welcome to Texas.

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Jan 2012
Burbs of the Big Easy, La
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Until recently, I've brewed in my kitchen but I outgrew it and have been brewing outside. In the metro New Orleans area, we not only have heat and high humidity but mosquitoes big enough to carry you away. It's been a good year so far for the skeeters so I hope that stays.

I have a big, box fan I put near me and I brew under a patio cover but there is no breeze and the heat from the burner makes it worse. I drink plenty of water and stay away from too much beer until cleanup time. Then it's catch-up time.
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Jun 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
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You'll miss us (michigan) ive had 3 friends move there.. Then back and all my friends that where stationed their pretty much hated it too.. But u would probably love the music.. Some the biggest shows run through the austin area so enjoy! In the the meantime u will prolly miss 65* ground water even in the peak of summer! And founders.. And bells.. And any of the other 140+ breweries! Let me know if u want a care package .. I only live a mile from founders
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