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Default F%#&ing UPS

I bottled up and packaged twelve beers (4 entries) for an out-of state beer comp Monday night and sent it out via UPS yesterday. I packed it in a divided box designed for beer bottles, with bubble wrap around each individual bottle.

I check tracking today. The broke my package BEFORE it left the depot, about three hours after I dropped it off. It wasn't even on the truck yet. Half a case a beer, gone. F&#$%^##^

What the hell were they doing, playing baseball with it?

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Brewing Clamper
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You better hit them up for the minimum insurance of the package!


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Ó Flannagáin
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wow, that sucks dude!
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Sucks! They broke a recent one of mine as well. Then they tried to return it to the UPS Store where I shipped it. That particular store WENT OUT OF BUSINESS right after I shipped there! So my broken beer along with a few gifts for my Dad is now lost in UPS world, which I'm pretty sure is in another dimension.
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I never write "FRAGILE" on any of my UPS packages. Sorry to hear about it.

On a good note, we have proof of how it was handled.

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I worked for UPS one summer unloading boxes.
Let's say the emphasis was not on reading for the fragile boxes.
We were timed with a stopwatch to have a tractor trailer unloaded in under 40 minutes. Sounds like a lot of time, but you are literally dumping/throwing boxes on the rollers to get them out of the trailer in that timeframe.
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I bet the guy know what it was and he kicked back at the end of the day and RDWHAHB! Now you need to go down there and kick his A$$.

j/k Sorry for the loss man, and it probably is too late to send more huh?

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Box-in-a-box, a ton of bubble wrap, and put the brews inside of a garbage bag.

I had the same issue with UPS once, except they called me less than 15 minutes after I dropped it off.
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Yeah, brewtus...you had issues alright. How many times did you have to ship those damn things?

I've never had broken bottles, but as brewtus can attest to, I package my bottles to survive a nuclear holocaust, then wrap them in a garbage bag in case one somehow breaks.

So, I'm just curious: what do you guys tell UPS you're shipping? I just say "collectibles", which isn't entirely untrue.

No, FedEx is my nemesis when it comes to private shippers. Those cockwads seem to be eminently unable to find my house, which is absurd because it's in the middle of a common residential neighborhood and anyone with a map or access to google maps can find it no problem. Not FedEx, tho...I just think that, when they're running late, they just say "screw it" and head back to the warehouse and mark all the undelivered packages as "address not found". One time, I had FedEx take 5 attempts before they "found" my house.
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I shipped some to Oregon through the post office and they STOLE it! My brew was good but wasn't that good.

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