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Jun 2011
Carlsbad, NM
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I just listened to Time Was from the Wishbone Ash album Argus, probably my all time favorite album, followed by a Uriah Heep song from Demons and Wizards. It hit me that every thread I see about music here is from you youngsters with no appreciation of where your music came from. So who do you love that I've never heard of?

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Jul 2013
Silverton, Oregon
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Not super obscure, but the four albums I think everybody ought to listen to at least once are as follows:
Ween - The Mollusk
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange
Tom Waits - Mule Variations
Morphine - Good

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Progressive Brewing
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Jan 2013
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I understand where you're coming from. Being a 57 year old progger I listen to prog, early music, baroque, and classical mostly. Most of modern day artists and their music don't do it for me either, some worthwhile exceptions noted.

I remember those 2 albums all too well. Actually I saw Wishbone Ash at ProgDay 2003.

Obscure albums? I got a long, long list. But here's one for you:
Flash - Out of Our Hands (1973)

Reason: Added video links

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gratus fermentatio
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Jun 2008
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One of my favs is the album Romantic Warrior by Return to Forever.
Not really obsure, cuz they were pretty popular back in the day, but Blood, Sweat & Tears is another of my favs. They're kind of "obscure" now, simply because so few people play that music anymore.

There are a couple of tunes on the Frank Zappa album The Greatest Band You Never Heard In Your Life. Especially The Torture Never Stops parts 1 & 2. And they do a version of Stairway to Heaven That I like. The rest of the album I can take or leave, but the aforementioned tunes are outstanding.

There is a recording of Black Coffee that I've been looking for since 1998 & STILL haven't found. To me, that makes it "obscure." I know there are several artists who've recorded it, including Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee & Ella Fitzgerald, but I'm looking for a more contemporary recording.

Seems that the lovely female singing was a guest on the album of a saxaphone player, can't remember his name. What makes this particular recording unique is that there is no orchestral open and no piano in the arrangement; only that soulful sax & that sultry voice. I heard it on an NPR radio music show in 1998 & tried to contact NPR, the show producers, the show host & I got ZERO responses. I keep looking every now & then, but odds are not in favor of me finding it.
If this info rings a bell, let me know, OK?
Regards, GF.

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Nov 2008
Holland, Michigan
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Is this some kind of thread to see who the biggest hipster is?
Does that make me an ***hole?

No, that's not what makes you an ***hole.

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Ale's What Cures You!
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Jun 2006
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I used to listen to Uriah Heep back in the day! It's been about 35 years since I've even thought about them.

I'll have to pull out some of that music tonight because I do think it will bring back a ton of memories!

I don't really listen to anything "unknown" but I'm sort of stuck in 90s grunge and someone at NHC told me that I needed to listen to Porcupine Tree so I've been into them lately. Otherwise, I listen quite a bit to Mark Lanegan (from the Screaming Trees).

Other than Tom Waits (my all time favorite) and some Neil Young (Bob's favorite), I don't usually listen to much besides 90s grunge too often.
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Aug 2012
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Originally Posted by SobchakSecurity
Ween - The Mollusk
"We don't sell Duff, we sell Fudd."

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Dec 2012
Bastrop, TX
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Drive by truckers is a band I listen to a lot not sure it's obscure but always wondered why they were not more widely known
You could be walking around lucky and not even know it

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Jul 2011
Them Scary Woods, FL
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Chic Corea and Al DiMiola aren't that obscure, and I have Return to Forever on vinyl. Along with several Zappas. I think the most obscure, and my all time favorite Zappa album is Bongo Fury by Zappa/Beefheart.

I guess my favorite slightly obscure album to spring on unsuspecting hipsters is Fun House by The Stooges.
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Jan 2012
Stewartsville, NJ
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Kyfe Hyts- Sword of the Lord

Track: Smoke the Milk
Pap Don Brewers
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Prim #3:

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