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Default Salsa

We make this every year it is a lot of work but turns out great, you get Mexican restaurant quality salsa year round. This recipe makes between 18-20 pints depending on yield.

20 lbs Roma tomatoes
4 lbs Anaheim Chiles
12 Jalapeno peppers
6 cups chopped onion
2 cups fresh chopped Cilantro
12 cloves of garlic minced
2 cups apple cider vinegar
1 cup lime juice (fresh squeezed)
3 tbs dried Oregano
2 1/2 tsp ground cumin
8 tsp kosher salt
4-8 tsp sugar to taste
1 1/2 tsp black pepper

Chop onion, Cilantro, garlic (you can use a press), and Jalapeno peppers, heat in this recipe is adjusted by leaving the seeds in the peppers. (deseed for a mild salsa, and leave seeds in for hot salsa, adjust to your taste, I prefer about half the seeds in my wife likes about 1/6th of the seeds.) combine and set aside.

Juice the limes and combine with apple cider vinegar.

Start your grill on med-high heat and put the Anaheim Chiles, blacken on all sides and place in a paper grocery bag, set aside and allow to cool. (this will make it easy to peal the skins later) Once the chiles are cool peel the skin de-seed and chop.

Score and grill the tomatoes until the skins peels off easily, ( you can blanch them but grilling gives the salsa more flavor) Now peel and core the tomatoes. You will get a lot of juice during this process, keep the liquid that is dark red and discard any clear juices. Now chop the tomatoes.

Combine all ingredients into a large stock pot, DO NOT USE ALUMINUM use stainless or other non reactive pots use the reserved tomato juice to adjust the salsa to the desired consistency. You should have something like this...

Heat to a boil then reduce heat and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. After the simmer is complete remove from heat.

Now use an immersion blender to get the salsa to your desired consistency.

ladle the salsa into sterilized jars and process in a pressure canner for 10 minutes at 10 lbs (for 0-1000 feet)

If you don't have a pressure canner you can do a boil bath, but you will need to add 2 additional cups of cider vinegar and cut the lime juice in half. Process for 20 minutes at 0-1000 feet.

Scale the recipe as needed.

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Can't wait to try it!!!

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Looks like a good recipe.

I'm looking foreword to canning salsa in the next couple of weeks too. I'm in the process of modifying my mom's recipe for my spicier taste. For the past couple years, I've been doing 50% Roma's & 50% regular tomatoes. This year I'm thinking 1/3 Roma's, 1/3 regular, and 1/3 tomatillos.

I also bought a Ninja blender to make the chopping easier. I like it chunky but not too chunky.
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Looks like a solid recipe, and the end result sure is pretty. I'll have to try it some time.
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Finally got my salsa made last night. We didn't grow tomatoes or peppers this year so I hit a farmers market and a Mexican grocery. Made 21 pints for about $21.

This is more or less what I did:
1 "box" of tomatoes
6 jalapeņos
3 poblanos
6 Serranos
2 Anaheims
1 Tbsp kosher salt
1 cup vinegar
1 bunch cilantro
6 limes juiced
1 large onion
1 head of garlic
10 tomatillos

Let the Ninja blender do the chopping this year. Simmered it on the stove for 40 minutes before canning.

EDIT: on my hotness scale, this is a medium. So far, it starts off mild and builds on the palette to a medium. It may intensify as it ages.

Next up is sofrito. Sofrito is an extremely hot tomatillo salsa that is used as a spice in other dishes. Only a couple of tablespoons go into what is being made.
Click image for larger version

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You have to grow up someday, otherwise you become a hipster.
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Best salsa I ever had was from a Mexican guy at work. He said it was just tomatillos, jalapenos, onion, cilantro, and salt. He said he boils the tomatillos and jalapenos until soft, then blends everything and pulses it in the food processor. He specifically told me never to put garlic in salsa, that's an American thing.
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Pintobean, my wifey poo is Mexican and her mama makes salsa exactly like you say here.
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I make this roasted tomatillo chipotle salsa about every other week. This is a Rick Bayless recipe.
8-12 tomatillos
3 cloves garlic
1-2 canned chipotle (1 is enough usually)
1 tbls chipotle canning sauce
1/2 tsp salt
Slice the tomatillos in half so there's a top and bottom. Lay them cut side down on a dry nonstick pan until they get blackened. Flip them over and blacken the other side a bit until they are very soft all the way through. Roast the dehusked garlic in along with them. Put it all in a food processor. It's pretty darn good warm too.

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